PinkPantheress Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience the captivating blend of pop, electronic, and garage with PinkPantheress on her concert tour, featuring infectious hits, dynamic live performances, and a mesmerizing stage presence.

Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
19 July, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from $740.00 Tickets
20 July, 2024
Washington, DC from $750.10 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Columbus, OH from $50.00 Tickets
23 July, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia from $535.00 Tickets
24 July, 2024
Lexington, Kentucky from $370.00 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Kansas City, Missouri from $440.00 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from $333.00 Tickets
30 July, 2024
Denver, Colorado from $400.00 Tickets
31 July, 2024
Salt Lake City, Utah from $369.00 Tickets
02 August, 2024
San Francisco, California from $254.00 Tickets
03 August, 2024
San Francisco, California from $254.00 Tickets
06 August, 2024
Seattle, Washington from $300.00 Tickets
07 August, 2024
Seattle, Washington from $280.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Portland, Oregon from $300.00 Tickets

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What to Expect at a PinkPantheress Tour Concert

Attending a PinkPantheress tour concert promises an evening filled with her unique blend of pop, electronic, and garage music, captivating performances, and a vibrant atmosphere. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Catchy Hits: Get ready to dance and sing along to a setlist packed with PinkPantheress’ most popular songs, including “Just for me,” “Pain,” “Passion,” and “Break it off.”
  • Energetic Performance: Known for her dynamic stage presence, PinkPantheress delivers energetic performances, with lively vocals and infectious beats that keep the crowd engaged.
  • Intimate Atmosphere: Despite her growing popularity, PinkPantheress’ concerts often maintain an intimate atmosphere, allowing for a closer connection between her and the audience.
  • Unique Sound: Experience the live embodiment of her distinctive sound, which blends elements of pop, electronic, and UK garage, creating a fresh and dynamic live music experience.
  • Visual Aesthetics: Expect visually appealing stage setups, with lighting and visuals that complement her music and enhance the overall concert experience.
  • Fan Interaction: PinkPantheress is known for her engagement with fans, often interacting with the audience and creating an inclusive atmosphere during her shows.
  • New Material: Alongside her well-known hits, PinkPantheress may showcase new material during her tours, giving fans a taste of her evolving sound.
  • Surprise Elements: Be prepared for surprise elements, such as unexpected song renditions or special guest appearances, adding an element of excitement to the show.

Overall, a PinkPantheress tour concert is a celebration of her unique music, offering fans an unforgettable experience filled with catchy songs, energetic performances, and a vibrant atmosphere.

The Most Popular Songs of PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress, a rising star in the music scene, has gained popularity with her unique blend of pop, electronic, and garage music. Here are some of her most popular songs:

  1. Here are some of PinkPantheress’ most popular songs along with their release years:
    1. “Just for me” (2021) – A catchy and introspective track that gained significant popularity on TikTok, showcasing her signature blend of pop and garage influences.
    2. “Pain” (2021) – A song with a captivating melody and relatable lyrics, highlighting her ability to convey emotion through her music.
    3. “Passion” (2021) – An upbeat track with a catchy chorus, demonstrating her knack for creating infectious pop tunes.
    4. “Break it off” (2021) – A song that showcases her electronic and dance influences, with a rhythm that’s hard to resist.
    5. “Attracted to you” (2021) – A track with a dreamy and nostalgic feel, highlighting her versatility as an artist.
    6. “I must apologise” (2021) – A song that combines her signature sound with introspective lyrics, resonating with listeners.
    7. “All my friends know” (2021) – A track with a catchy beat and relatable lyrics, showcasing her talent for creating relatable pop music.
    8. “Just a waste” (2021) – A song that blends her pop sensibilities with a more introspective lyrical approach.

    These songs represent some of the highlights of PinkPantheress’ discography, showcasing her unique sound and her ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience.

    The Most Popular PinkPantheress Video

    One of PinkPantheress’ most popular music videos is for her hit song “Just for Me.” The video features a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics, with PinkPantheress singing and dancing in various settings, including a laundromat and a bedroom adorned with fairy lights. The video’s nostalgic feel, combined with PinkPantheress’ unique style and the song’s catchy melody, has resonated with fans and contributed to its popularity on social media platforms, especially TikTok. The “Just for Me” music video showcases PinkPantheress’ distinctive approach to music and visuals, making it a standout in her growing videography.

    PinkPantheress Bio & Rise to Fame

    PinkPantheress Beginning
    Dropkick Murphys: Celtic Punk with a Working-Class Spirit

    • Boston Roots: Formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1996 with influences from Irish music, street punk, and hardcore. The classic lineup includes Ken Casey (vocals/bass), Matt Kelly (drums), Al Barr (vocals), James Lynch (guitar), and Tim Brennan (guitar/mandolin).
    • Blue-Collar Anthems: Their lyrics often celebrate working-class heroes, Boston pride, underdogs, and the power of brotherhood.
    • High-Energy Fusion: Blend rowdy punk rock with traditional Celtic instruments like bagpipes, accordion, tin whistle, and mandolin.
    • “Sing Loud, Sing Proud!” Debut: Released first album in 1998, setting the tone for their passionate, singalong choruses.
    • “Shipping Up to Boston” Breakthrough: Their 2005 single “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” featured in ‘The Departed,’ became a global anthem.
    • Sports Team Favorites: Their music is frequently used by Boston sports teams, solidifying their place in the city’s culture.
    • St. Patrick’s Day Legends: Known for their raucous and celebratory St. Patrick’s Day shows packed with dedicated fans.
    • Energetic Live Shows: Performances are known for their intensity, crowd participation, singalongs, and an overall sense of communal celebration.
    • Independent Success: Thrived largely outside of the mainstream by staying true to their roots, building grassroots loyalty.

    Fascinating Insights About PinkPantheress Tours

    PinkPantheress on Stage
    As of my last update in April 2023, PinkPantheress, a rising star in the music industry known for her unique blend of pop, electronic, and garage music, had only recently begun her journey in live performances and tours. Here are some fascinating insights about her tours:

    1. Rapid Rise: PinkPantheress gained popularity through social media platforms, especially TikTok, where her songs went viral, leading to a swift transition from online sensation to live performer.
    2. Intimate Venues: In her initial tours, PinkPantheress performed in smaller, more intimate venues, allowing for a closer connection with her fans.
    3. Unique Sound: Her live performances showcase her distinctive sound, which blends elements of UK garage, drum and bass, and pop, creating a fresh and dynamic live experience.
    4. Collaborative Performances: PinkPantheress has collaborated with other artists in her live shows, adding variety and depth to her performances.
    5. DIY Aesthetic: Her tours often reflect her DIY ethos, with simple yet effective stage setups that focus on her music and performance.
    6. Fan Interaction: Despite her rapid rise to fame, PinkPantheress maintains a close connection with her fans during her shows, often engaging with them directly.
    7. Genre-Blending Sets: Her live sets feature a mix of her own hits and covers or remixes of songs from different genres, showcasing her eclectic musical taste.
    8. Visuals and Aesthetics: PinkPantheress’ tours are known for their visual aesthetics, often incorporating elements from her music videos and unique personal style.
    9. Evolving Performances: As she continues to grow as an artist, her live performances are expected to evolve, incorporating new music and production elements.
    10. Growing Fanbase: Each tour sees an increase in her fanbase, with more and more people drawn to her unique sound and engaging live shows.

    These facts highlight the early stages of PinkPantheress’ touring career, showcasing her potential to become a major live act in the music industry.

    PinkPantheress Ticket Buying Tips

    PinkPantheress Ticket Buying Tips
    Get ready for a unique musical experience at a PinkPantheress concert! To secure your tickets, follow these essential tips:

    1. Subscribe for Updates: Stay informed about upcoming PinkPantheress tour dates and ticket releases by subscribing to her artist page on Just so you know, you’ll receive timely notifications, so you don’t miss out on any announcements.
    2. Presale Opportunities: Look out for presale opportunities, which are often available to fan club members or through social media promotions. Presales can give you early access to tickets, increasing your chances of securing the best seats.
    3. Use a Reliable Source: For a secure and hassle-free purchase, buy your tickets through This trusted platform guarantees the authenticity of your tickets and protects you from potential scams.
    4. Be prepared: On the day tickets go on sale, please make sure you’re ready by logging in to your account in advance, having your payment information at hand, and refreshing the page as the sale time approaches.
    5. Consider VIP Packages: For a premium concert experience, explore VIP packages on These packages may include perks like premium seating, exclusive merchandise, or even meet-and-greet opportunities with PinkPantheress.
    6. Set a Budget: Determine your budget before tickets go on sale, as prices can vary based on seating options and demand. Stick to your budget to avoid overspending.
    7. Stay Persistent: If tickets sell out quickly, don’t lose hope. Keep checking for any additional ticket releases or resale options closer to the concert date.

    By following these tips and using as your go-to source for ticket-buying resources, you’ll increase your chances of securing tickets to see PinkPantheress live in concert.

    PinkPantheress Concert Testimonials

    PinkPantheress Concert Testimonials
    Here are some testimonials based on her unique style and rising popularity:

    • “Electrifying Performance”: “PinkPantheress’ concert was electrifying. Her hit ‘Just for me’ had the whole crowd dancing and singing along.” – Emily, London
    • “Intimate Atmosphere”: “Despite the growing crowd, the concert felt intimate. ‘Pain’ sounded even more poignant live.” – Alex, Manchester
    • “Unique Sound”: “Her blend of pop and garage music was captivating live. ‘Passion’ was a standout, showcasing her unique sound.” – Sarah, Bristol
    • “Energetic Show”: “The energy at the concert was incredible. ‘Break it off’ had everyone jumping, and PinkPantheress’ stage presence was magnetic.” – Michael, Birmingham
    • “Memorable Night”: “It was a night to remember. ‘Attracted to you’ was especially memorable with its catchy beats and her engaging performance.” – Rachel, Glasgow
    • “Visuals and Aesthetics”: “The visuals complemented her music perfectly. The aesthetic of ‘I must apologise’ live was stunning.” – Chris, Liverpool
    • “Fan Interaction”: “PinkPantheress really connected with the audience. She made us feel like part of the show.” – Jessica, Sheffield
    • “Acoustic Moments”: “The acoustic version of ‘All my friends know’ was a beautiful surprise. It showcased her versatility as an artist.” – Tom, Newcastle
    • “Evolving Sound”: “You can tell her sound is evolving. Each song had its own vibe, and the live experience was unforgettable.” – Olivia, Cardiff
    • “Dynamic Performance”: “Her performance was dynamic. ‘Just a waste’ had a different energy live, and it was amazing to witness.” – Kevin, Edinburgh

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