Bush Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience Bush’s iconic rock concert tour, where their greatest hits come alive on stage in unforgettable live performances.

Bush Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
20 July, 2024
Bushkill, Pennsylvania from $50.00 Tickets
24 July, 2024
Sacramento, California from $48.00 Tickets
25 July, 2024
New York, New York from $24.36 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Lyons, CO from $209.00 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Bend, Oregon from $33.00 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Lyons, CO from $195.00 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Airway Heights, Washington from $45.45 Tickets
29 July, 2024
Great Falls, Montana from $99.00 Tickets
31 July, 2024
West Valley City, Utah from $29.00 Tickets
01 August, 2024
Englewood, Colorado from $48.00 Tickets
02 August, 2024
Brooklyn, New York from $41.00 Tickets
03 August, 2024
La Crosse, Wisconsin from $186.00 Tickets
04 August, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana from $31.90 Tickets
06 August, 2024
Cedar Rapids, Iowa from $50.00 Tickets
07 August, 2024
Chicago, IL from $20.00 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Wellston, MI from $14,270.41 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Nashville, TN from $20.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Maryland Heights, Missouri from $28.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
New Berlin, Illinois from $88.28 Tickets
13 August, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio from $25.92 Tickets
14 August, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio from $22.44 Tickets
16 August, 2024
Sterling Heights, Michigan from $34.20 Tickets
16 August, 2024
Hartford, Connecticut from $141.00 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Lewiston, NY from $49.40 Tickets
21 August, 2024
Holmdel, NJ from $22.00 Tickets
23 August, 2024
Atlantic City, New Jersey from $41.00 Tickets
23 August, 2024
Tucson, Arizona from $25.00 Tickets
24 August, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts from $57.82 Tickets
26 August, 2024
Charlotte, North Carolina from $28.08 Tickets
27 August, 2024
Raleigh, North Carolina from $23.48 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Bush Tour Concert

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at a Bush concert. Here’s what you can look forward to during their tour performances:

  • Iconic Hits: Expect to hear Bush’s greatest hits like “Glycerine,” “Machinehead,” and “Comedown” performed live with the same passion and intensity that made them famous.
  • High-Energy Performances: Bush is known for their electrifying stage presence. Gavin Rossdale’s dynamic vocals and the band’s powerful instrumentation will keep you engaged and hyped throughout the show.
  • Engaging Visuals: The concert features stunning visual effects, including vibrant light shows and immersive stage designs that enhance the overall atmosphere and make the performance visually captivating.
  • Interactive Moments: Fans can look forward to memorable interactions with the band, as Bush often engages with the audience, creating a personal and intimate concert experience.
  • Special Guests: Be prepared for surprise guest appearances from fellow artists and collaborators, adding an extra layer of excitement to the concert.
  • Memorable Encores: Their encores are a highlight, often featuring extended versions of fan-favorite tracks and leaving the audience wanting more.
  • Festival Atmosphere: Known for their energetic performances at major festivals, Bush brings the same high-energy, crowd-pleasing vibe to their tour concerts, creating a festival-like atmosphere at each show.
  • Nostalgic Vibes: Relive the 90s with Bush’s timeless music, as they take you on a journey through their extensive catalog of hits that defined an era.

The Most Popular Songs of Bush

Bush has produced numerous hits over the years, making a significant impact on the rock and alternative music scenes. Here are ten of their most popular songs that fans love:

  1. Glycerine (1994) – From their debut album “Sixteen Stone,” this ballad reached number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its emotional lyrics and haunting melody make it a fan favorite.
  2. Machinehead (1994) – Also from “Sixteen Stone,” this high-energy track features powerful guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. It became a staple in alternative rock, reaching number 4 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  3. Comedown (1994) – Another hit from “Sixteen Stone,” “Comedown” combines gritty guitar work with introspective lyrics. It peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  4. Swallowed (1996) – From their second album “Razorblade Suitcase,” this song reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its dark, grunge-influenced sound and compelling lyrics resonate with fans.
  5. Little Things (1994) – A driving rock track from “Sixteen Stone,” “Little Things” showcases Bush’s signature sound with heavy guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. It reached number 4 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  6. Everything Zen (1994) – The debut single from “Sixteen Stone,” this song introduced Bush to the world with its raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics. It became a major hit, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  7. The Chemicals Between Us (1999) – From their album “The Science of Things,” this track features electronic elements blended with rock. It reached number 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and remains a fan favorite.
  8. Letting the Cables Sleep (1999) – Also from “The Science of Things,” this ballad is known for its poignant lyrics and atmospheric sound. It showcases a softer side of Bush that fans appreciate.
  9. Greedy Fly (1996) – A standout track from “Razorblade Suitcase,” “Greedy Fly” features a dark, brooding sound and powerful vocals. It reached number 3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  10. Warm Machine (1999) – Another hit from “The Science of Things,” this song combines rock and electronic elements with introspective lyrics. Its unique sound and catchy chorus make it a fan favorite.

The Most Popular Bush Video

Bush’s most popular video is “Glycerine,” released in 1995 as part of their debut album “Sixteen Stone.” The video has amassed millions of views on platforms like YouTube, becoming a classic in the alternative rock genre. Known for its raw emotion and powerful imagery, “Glycerine” captures the essence of the band’s early years, featuring lead singer Gavin Rossdale in introspective scenes intertwined with performance footage.

As of the latest count, “Glycerine” has garnered over 70 million views on YouTube alone, highlighting its enduring popularity among fans worldwide. The video’s success is attributed to its intimate portrayal of vulnerability and its ability to resonate with listeners on a personal level. Its inclusion in countless playlists and retrospective compilations solidifies its status as an iconic representation of Bush’s musical style and artistic expression.

Bush Bio & Rise to Fame

Discover the journey of Bush from their formation to becoming iconic figures in the rock music scene.

  • Formation: Bush was formed in London in 1992 by lead vocalist and guitarist Gavin Rossdale and guitarist Nigel Pulsford. They were later joined by bassist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge.
  • Debut Album “Sixteen Stone” (1994): Their debut album “Sixteen Stone” was a commercial success, featuring hits like “Glycerine,” “Comedown,” and “Machinehead.” The album sold over six million copies in the U.S. alone.
  • Breakthrough Success: The singles from “Sixteen Stone” received extensive airplay on alternative rock radio stations and MTV, propelling Bush into the mainstream and establishing them as a leading band of the 1990s grunge movement.
  • Second Album “Razorblade Suitcase” (1996): Produced by Steve Albini, this album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. It included the hit single “Swallowed,” which topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  • Continued Popularity: Bush maintained their popularity with subsequent albums like “The Science of Things” (1999) and “Golden State” (2001), which featured tracks like “The Chemicals Between Us” and “Letting the Cables Sleep.”
  • Hiatus and Reunion: After a hiatus starting in 2002, Bush reunited in 2010 and released the album “The Sea of Memories” (2011), marking a successful comeback with the single “The Sound of Winter.”
  • Recent Releases: The band continued to produce new music, including albums like “Man on the Run” (2014) and “Black and White Rainbows” (2017), showcasing their evolving sound while staying true to their roots.
  • Legacy and Influence: Over the years, Bush has sold over 20 million records worldwide and earned multiple awards and nominations, including several MTV Video Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. Their impact on the rock genre remains significant.
  • Touring and Live Performances: Known for their powerful live shows, Bush has toured extensively across the globe, performing at major festivals and headlining their own tours, continually drawing large and enthusiastic crowds.
  • Enduring Appeal: Bush’s music continues to resonate with fans old and new, solidifying their place as one of the most enduring and influential bands in modern rock.

Fascinating Insights About Bush’s Tours

Discover some intriguing facts about Bush’s tours that will make you eager to experience their live performances.

  1. Global Reach: Bush has toured extensively around the world, performing in countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their international tours have helped them build a loyal global fan base.
  2. High-Energy Performances: Known for their electrifying stage presence, Bush delivers high-energy performances that keep audiences engaged and hyped from start to finish.
  3. Iconic Venues: The band has performed at some of the most iconic venues, including Wembley Arena in London, Madison Square Garden in New York, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.
  4. Festival Favorites: Bush is a regular at major music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio, and Download Festival. Their festival sets are known for drawing large, enthusiastic crowds.
  5. Unique Setlists: Their setlists often feature a mix of their greatest hits, deep cuts, and new material, ensuring a dynamic and varied concert experience for fans.
  6. Memorable Encores: Bush’s encores are often a highlight of their concerts, featuring extended versions of fan-favorite tracks and leaving the audience wanting more.
  7. Surprise Guest Appearances: The band has been known to bring out surprise guest artists during their shows, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to their performances.
  8. Visual Spectacle: Their tours include impressive visual elements, such as vibrant light shows and striking stage designs, which enhance the overall concert experience.
  9. Interactive Moments: Bush often engages with the audience during their shows, creating memorable sing-along moments and making each concert feel personal and unique.
  10. Enduring Popularity: Despite the changes in the music industry, Bush continues to draw large crowds and maintain their popularity, proving their lasting impact on the rock genre.

Bush Ticket Buying Tips

Get the best tips for securing your tickets to see Bush live, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  1. Plan Ahead: Bush concerts can sell out quickly, so stay updated on tour announcements and ticket sale dates to ensure you don’t miss out.
  2. Use Trusted Sources: Always purchase your tickets from reliable and secure websites. concertsandtickets.com is an excellent choice for finding affordable and legitimate tickets.
  3. Sign Up for Alerts: Subscribe to Bush’s artist page on concertsandtickets.com to receive notifications about ticket availability, presale opportunities, and other updates.
  4. Compare Prices: Take the time to compare ticket prices across different platforms to ensure you get the best deal for your budget.
  5. Consider Presales: Many artists, including Bush, offer presale tickets to fans who subscribe to newsletters or join fan clubs. These presales can provide early access and better seat options.
  6. Be Ready on Sale Day: On the day tickets go on sale, be prepared with your payment information and log in to your chosen ticket site a few minutes early to increase your chances of getting good seats.
  7. Check for VIP Packages: If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience, check if Bush offers VIP packages. These often include premium seating, meet-and-greet opportunities, and other perks.
  8. Beware of Scams: Avoid purchasing tickets from unofficial sources or scalpers, as these can lead to counterfeit tickets. Stick to trusted websites like concertsandtickets.com for a safe buying experience.
  9. Look for Bundle Deals: Some venues or ticket platforms may offer bundled deals, such as tickets combined with merchandise or parking passes, providing added value and convenience.
  10. Stay Informed: Follow Bush on social media and join fan communities to stay updated on any last-minute ticket releases or changes to tour dates.

Bush’s Concert Testimonials

Read what fans have to say about their unforgettable experiences at Bush’s concerts.

  • Electrifying Performance at Lollapalooza (2016) – Bush’s set at Lollapalooza was nothing short of electrifying! The crowd was hyped, and Gavin Rossdale’s energy was infectious. The light show was stunning. – Jake, Chicago
  • Unforgettable Night at Red Rocks (2018) – Seeing Bush at Red Rocks was a dream come true. The natural acoustics of the venue paired with their powerful performance made for an unforgettable night. – Emily, Denver
  • High-Energy Show at Download Festival (2019) – Their performance at Download Festival was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The crowd was wild, and the live renditions of “Machinehead” and “Comedown” were phenomenal. – Sarah, London
  • Memorable Set at The Greek Theatre (2017) – Bush’s set at The Greek Theatre was magical. The outdoor setting allowed for a close connection with the band, and their interaction with the audience was fantastic. – Mark, Los Angeles
  • Intimate Acoustic Session at The Fillmore (2015) – The acoustic session at The Fillmore was a unique experience. The intimate setting and stripped-down versions of their hits made it a night to remember. – Lisa, San Francisco
  • Surprise Guest at Madison Square Garden (2018) – The MSG show was amazing. Bush brought out a surprise guest, Chris Traynor, who performed a few songs with the band. It was a night to remember. – Mike, New York
  • Intense Performance at Rock am Ring (2017) – Bush’s performance at Rock am Ring was intense! The mosh pits were wild, and the band’s performance of “Swallowed” was a highlight. – Jessica, Nürburg
  • Emotional Night at The Wiltern (2016) – The Wiltern show was a rollercoaster of emotions. The band’s live vocals were beautiful, and the full band performance had everyone singing along. – Chris, Los Angeles
  • Electric Atmosphere at Coachella (2015) – The performance at Coachella was electric. The stage design and pyrotechnics were stunning, and their delivery of “Letting the Cables Sleep” was powerful. – Emma, Indio
  • Dynamic Show at Governor’s Ball (2014) – Bush’s set at Governor’s Ball was dynamic. Their performance of “The Chemicals Between Us” had everyone in the crowd jumping. The stage design and light show were top-notch. – Liam, New York

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