Caribou Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience Caribou’s electrifying concert tour. Enjoy live performances of his biggest hits on stage. Don’t miss this unforgettable musical journey.

Caribou Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
09 November, 2024
Portland, OR from $42.42 Tickets
10 November, 2024
Seattle, WA from $32.32 Tickets
12 November, 2024
Oakland, California from $63.00 Tickets
13 November, 2024
Los Angeles, CA from $22.00 Tickets
15 November, 2024
Denver, CO from $53.38 Tickets
17 November, 2024
Chicago, Illinois from $53.30 Tickets
18 November, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia from $39.87 Tickets
19 November, 2024
Washington, D.C, District of Columbia from $45.00 Tickets
20 November, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from $46.10 Tickets
21 November, 2024
Brooklyn, New York from $68.00 Tickets
21 November, 2024
Brooklyn, New York from $99.00 Tickets
12 June, 2025
Manchester, Tennessee from $494.00 Tickets
12 June, 2025
Manchester, Tennessee from $499.00 Tickets
13 June, 2025
Manchester, Tennessee from $499.00 Tickets
14 June, 2025
Manchester, Tennessee from $499.00 Tickets
15 June, 2025
Manchester, Tennessee from $499.00 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Caribou Tour Concert

Attending a Caribou concert is an immersive experience filled with captivating visuals, dynamic performances, and a setlist that spans his illustrious career. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Stunning Visuals and Light Shows: Caribou concerts are known for their mesmerizing light displays that perfectly complement the music, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Live Instrumentation: Unlike many electronic artists, Caribou often incorporates live instruments into his performances, adding a rich, organic layer to his electronic soundscapes.
  • Fan-Favorite Hits: You can expect to hear popular tracks like “Can’t Do Without You,” “Odessa,” and “Our Love,” ensuring a night of familiar favorites and unforgettable moments.
  • Interactive Performances: Caribou’s interaction with the audience is a highlight, making every attendee feel like a part of the show.
  • Unique Stage Design: The stage setup for Caribou concerts often includes innovative and artistic elements, enhancing the overall concert experience.
  • Energetic Atmosphere: The energy at a Caribou concert is palpable, with fans dancing and singing along to every beat, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment.
  • Special Guests: Occasionally, Caribou surprises his audience with guest appearances from other artists, adding an extra layer of excitement to the concert.
  • Extended Mixes and Remixes: Live performances often feature unique mixes and extended versions of tracks, providing a fresh take on beloved songs.
  • Encore Performances: Caribou is known for his generous encores, ensuring fans get an extra dose of his exceptional music before the night ends.
  • Memorable Moments: Each Caribou concert is packed with memorable moments that leave a lasting impression, making it a must-see event for any music lover.

The Most Popular Songs of Caribou

Caribou, also known as Dan Snaith, has captivated audiences with his unique blend of electronic and indie music. Here are ten of his most popular songs that have left a significant mark on fans and the music industry alike:

  1. Can’t Do Without You (2014) – This track from the album “Our Love” became an instant hit with its repetitive, mesmerizing vocals and uplifting melody, making it a fan favorite.
  2. Odessa (2010) – From the album “Swim,” “Odessa” features a catchy bassline and haunting vocals, earning critical acclaim and solidifying Caribou’s place in the electronic music scene.
  3. Our Love (2014) – The title track of the album “Our Love,” this song blends emotional lyrics with a smooth, electronic backdrop, resonating deeply with listeners.
  4. Sun (2010) – Another standout from “Swim,” “Sun” is known for its hypnotic repetition and innovative production, making it a staple in Caribou’s live performances.
  5. Home (2020) – This track from the album “Suddenly” samples Gloria Barnes’ song of the same name, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound that fans adore.
  6. Bowls (2010) – “Bowls” features intricate percussion and a driving rhythm, showcasing Caribou’s ability to blend diverse musical elements seamlessly.
  7. Silver (2014) – A deeply emotional track from “Our Love,” “Silver” combines heartfelt lyrics with lush electronic production, making it a standout in Caribou’s discography.
  8. You and I (2014) – This song’s introspective lyrics and evolving instrumental layers make it a compelling listen, highlighting Caribou’s talent for crafting complex yet accessible music.
  9. Never Come Back (2020) – From the album “Suddenly,” this track features an irresistible groove and infectious energy, quickly becoming a favorite among fans.
  10. Lime (2007) – A track from the album “Andorra,” “Lime” showcases Caribou’s earlier, more psychedelic sound, beloved by longtime fans for its dreamy, atmospheric quality.

The Most Popular Caribou Video

Caribou’s most popular video, “Can’t Do Without You,” has captivated audiences worldwide with its mesmerizing visuals and emotional depth. As of now, the video has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube, showcasing its widespread appeal and enduring popularity. The video features stunning, dreamlike imagery that perfectly complements the song’s repetitive, hypnotic vocals and uplifting melody, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Its artistic direction and emotional resonance have made it a standout piece in Caribou’s videography, drawing in both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

The video’s success can be attributed to its ability to convey the song’s themes of love and longing through visually striking and emotionally charged scenes. The creative use of colors, surreal landscapes, and abstract visuals has resonated deeply with viewers, making it a frequent subject of discussion and praise in online music communities. Additionally, “Can’t Do Without You” has been featured in numerous playlists and music recommendation platforms, further increasing its visibility and popularity. This video not only showcases Caribou’s musical talents but also his ability to create a cohesive and impactful visual narrative, solidifying his status as a versatile and innovative artist.

Caribou Bio & Rise to Fame

  • Early Life and Beginnings: Dan Snaith, known professionally as Caribou, was born on March 29, 1978, in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. He showed an early interest in music and mathematics, eventually earning a PhD in mathematics.
  • First Steps in Music: Snaith initially performed under the moniker Manitoba, releasing his debut album, “Start Breaking My Heart,” in 2001. The album’s blend of electronica and IDM garnered critical acclaim.
  • Transition to Caribou: Due to legal issues with the name Manitoba, Snaith rebranded as Caribou in 2004. His first album under this name, “The Milk of Human Kindness” (2005), continued to build his reputation in the electronic music scene.
  • Breakthrough Album: Caribou’s breakthrough came with the release of “Andorra” in 2007, which won the Polaris Music Prize. The album’s rich, psychedelic soundscapes brought him widespread recognition.
  • Critical Acclaim: In 2010, Caribou released “Swim,” an album that received international acclaim and was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. The single “Odessa” became particularly popular, further establishing his presence in the music industry.
  • Touring and Collaborations: Caribou’s live performances are known for their immersive and energetic nature. He has toured extensively and collaborated with various artists, including Four Tet and Radiohead.
  • Continued Success: Albums like “Our Love” (2014) and “Suddenly” (2020) have solidified Caribou’s status as a leading figure in electronic music, with each release exploring new sonic territories while maintaining his signature style.
  • Awards and Honors: Over the years, Caribou has received numerous accolades, including Juno Award nominations and wins, reflecting his impact and influence in the music industry.
  • Legacy and Influence: Caribou’s innovative approach to music production and live performance has inspired many contemporary electronic artists. His work continues to be celebrated for its creativity and emotional depth.
  • Personal Life: Despite his fame, Dan Snaith remains grounded and continues to balance his music career with his academic interests, contributing to both fields in meaningful ways.

Fascinating Insights About Caribou’s Tours

Caribou’s tours are renowned for their unique blend of electronic music and mesmerizing visuals, creating an unforgettable live experience for fans. Here are some intriguing facts about his tours:

  1. Visual Spectacle: Caribou’s live shows are known for their stunning visual effects. Collaborating with visual artist Jason Evans, the concerts feature synchronized light shows and captivating video projections that enhance the musical experience.
  2. Intimate Venues: Unlike many electronic artists who perform in large arenas, Caribou often chooses more intimate venues. This allows for a closer connection with the audience, making each performance feel personal and engaging.
  3. Live Band: Caribou’s live performances frequently include a full band, adding a dynamic and organic element to his electronic sound. The interplay between electronic and live instruments creates a rich, immersive audio experience.
  4. Surprise Guests: Fans attending Caribou concerts might be treated to surprise guest appearances. Over the years, he has invited fellow artists like Four Tet and Floating Points to join him on stage, adding an element of unpredictability to the shows.
  5. Festival Favorites: Caribou is a popular act at music festivals worldwide. His energetic sets at festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury, and Primavera Sound have earned him a reputation as a must-see live performer.
  6. Unique Setlists: No two Caribou concerts are the same. Snaith often changes his setlists, ensuring that each performance is unique and tailored to the specific audience and venue.
  7. Fan Interaction: Caribou is known for his interaction with fans during shows. Whether through heartfelt speeches or spontaneous musical improvisations, he makes sure to engage with the audience, creating a memorable concert experience.
  8. Extended Performances: Caribou’s concerts often include extended versions of his tracks, allowing for deeper exploration of his music. These live renditions provide a fresh perspective on his recorded material, often featuring improvisation and new arrangements.
  9. Environmental Consciousness: Caribou’s tours are marked by a commitment to sustainability. Efforts to reduce the environmental impact of his tours include eco-friendly merchandise and carbon offset initiatives, resonating with environmentally conscious fans.
  10. Documented Experiences: Fans can relive Caribou’s tour experiences through various live recordings and concert films available online. These recordings capture the essence of his live shows, showcasing the energy and emotion that define his performances.
  11. Caribou Ticket Buying Tips

    Planning to attend a Caribou concert? Here are some essential tips to ensure you get the best tickets at the best prices. For reliable ticket-buying resources, is your go-to source.

    1. Sign Up for Notifications: Subscribe to the Caribou artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability, tour dates, and exclusive offers. This ensures you won’t miss out on any important updates.
    2. Presale Opportunities: Take advantage of presale opportunities. Many venues and ticket platforms offer presales to subscribers, fan club members, or credit card holders. These sales often provide access to the best seats before the general public.
    3. Compare Prices: Use to compare ticket prices across different platforms. This helps you find the best deals and avoid overpaying for tickets.
    4. Set a Budget: Determine your budget beforehand and stick to it. Ticket prices can vary widely depending on the venue, seating, and demand. Knowing your budget helps you make informed decisions without overspending.
    5. Check Venue Policies: Familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies regarding seating, entry, and prohibited items. This ensures a smooth concert experience and helps you avoid any surprises on the day of the event.
    6. Buy Early: Purchase your tickets as early as possible. Tickets for popular artists like Caribou can sell out quickly. Buying early increases your chances of securing good seats at reasonable prices.
    7. Be Aware of Resale Scams: When buying tickets from resellers, ensure the platform is reputable. offers secure options to buy resale tickets, protecting you from scams and overpriced tickets.
    8. Consider VIP Packages: Explore VIP packages for an enhanced concert experience. These packages often include premium seating, exclusive merchandise, and meet-and-greet opportunities with the artist.
    9. Monitor Social Media: Follow Caribou and the venues on social media for real-time updates about ticket releases, special offers, and last-minute availability. Social media can be a valuable tool for staying informed.
    10. Join Fan Communities: Engage with Caribou fan communities online. Fellow fans often share tips, alerts, and personal experiences that can help you make the most of your ticket-buying journey.
    11. Caribou’s Concert Testimonials

      Caribou’s concerts are known for their electrifying energy, captivating visuals, and unforgettable performances. Here are some testimonials from fans who have experienced the magic live.

      • Caribou’s 2021 Tour: “The 2021 tour was an absolute blast! The lighting and visuals were mesmerizing, and Dan Snaith’s interaction with the crowd made the experience even more special. The live renditions of ‘Can’t Do Without You’ and ‘Odessa’ were out of this world!” – Sarah, Austin
      • Caribou Live in 2019: “I attended Caribou’s 2019 concert, and it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. The setlist was perfect, and the energy in the venue was electric. The guest appearance by Four Tet was a delightful surprise!” – John, New York
      • 2018 Caribou Festival Performance: “Caribou’s 2018 festival performance was mind-blowing! The stage design was unique, with stunning visuals that complemented the music perfectly. The pyrotechnics during ‘Sun’ were a highlight, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.” – Emily, Los Angeles
      • Caribou’s 2017 World Tour: “The 2017 world tour was an incredible experience. Dan Snaith’s multi-instrumental talents were on full display, and the band’s chemistry was palpable. The audience interaction was top-notch, making it a truly immersive concert.” – Mike, London
      • 2016 Caribou Show: “The 2016 show was an amazing blend of audio and visual artistry. The immersive lighting effects and stunning visuals added a whole new dimension to the live music. Caribou’s performance of ‘Our Love’ was a standout moment.” – Jessica, Toronto

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