Little Big Town Tour Tickets | 2024

Little Big Town

Experience Little Big Town’s country concert tour, featuring their greatest hits live on stage. Enjoy an unforgettable performance filled with energy and captivating melodies.

Little Big Town Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
20 July, 2024
Chicago, Illinois from $116.15 Tickets
24 October, 2024
Greenville, SC from $64.68 Tickets
25 October, 2024
Raleigh, North Carolina from $47.00 Tickets
26 October, 2024
Columbus, OH from $33.60 Tickets
31 October, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts from $36.00 Tickets
01 November, 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from $48.92 Tickets
02 November, 2024
Buffalo, New York from $38.82 Tickets
07 November, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota from $29.28 Tickets
08 November, 2024
Milwaukee, Wisconsin from $51.00 Tickets
09 November, 2024
Grand Rapids, MI from $65.00 Tickets
14 November, 2024
Kansas City, Missouri from $35.49 Tickets
15 November, 2024
Sioux Falls, SD from $55.00 Tickets
16 November, 2024
Moline, Illinois from $47.52 Tickets
21 November, 2024
Austin, TX from $46.00 Tickets
22 November, 2024
Fort Worth, Texas from $65.00 Tickets
23 November, 2024
Tulsa, Oklahoma from $46.49 Tickets
07 December, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $555.00 Tickets
11 December, 2024
Biloxi, Mississippi from $48.00 Tickets
12 December, 2024
Duluth, Georgia from $55.49 Tickets
13 December, 2024
Nashville, TN from $48.00 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Little Big Town Tour Concert

Attending a Little Big Town concert promises an unforgettable night of harmonious vocals, high energy, and memorable moments. Here are some highlights to look forward to:

  • Powerful Harmonies – Experience the stunning harmonies that Little Big Town is renowned for, creating a rich and captivating sound that resonates through the venue.
  • Chart-Topping Hits – Enjoy live performances of their biggest hits, including “Pontoon,” “Girl Crush,” and “Better Man,” each bringing the crowd to their feet.
  • Engaging Stage Presence – The band’s dynamic stage presence and interaction with the audience make every concert an engaging and intimate experience.
  • Special Guests – Little Big Town often brings along surprise guest artists, adding an extra layer of excitement to their shows.
  • Visual Spectacle – Expect impressive stage design and lighting that enhances the overall concert experience, creating a visually stunning show.
  • Heartfelt Moments – The band shares personal stories and heartfelt moments, connecting deeply with their audience and making each concert unique.
  • Unpredictable Setlists – With a wide range of songs, every concert offers a different setlist, ensuring a fresh experience for returning fans.
  • Audience Participation – Fans can look forward to sing-alongs and other interactive moments that make the concert feel like a shared experience.
  • Encore Performances – The excitement continues with encore performances, often featuring fan-favorite songs that leave the audience wanting more.
  • Memorable Merchandise – Don’t miss out on exclusive tour merchandise to remember the night by, from t-shirts to posters and more.

The Most Popular Songs of Little Big Town

Little Big Town has captivated audiences with their harmonious vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Here are 10 of their most popular songs that fans absolutely love:

  1. Girl Crush (2014) – This song topped the charts and won multiple awards. Its soulful lyrics and haunting melody struck a chord with fans, making it an instant classic.
  2. Pontoon (2012) – A feel-good summer anthem that reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Its catchy tune and laid-back vibe make it a fan favorite.
  3. Boondocks (2005) – An ode to rural life, this song showcases the band’s tight harmonies and relatable lyrics. It became a staple in their live performances.
  4. Better Man (2016) – Written by Taylor Swift, this emotional ballad won the Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Fans love its poignant lyrics and powerful delivery.
  5. Day Drinking (2014) – A fun, upbeat track that celebrates spontaneous summer fun. Its infectious chorus and lively beat make it a concert highlight.
  6. Little White Church (2010) – This song features a strong beat and empowering lyrics, earning it a spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and in fans’ hearts.
  7. Tornado (2012) – Known for its dark, moody vibe, “Tornado” showcases the band’s versatility and storytelling prowess. It became a top 10 hit on the country charts.
  8. Bring It on Home (2006) – A romantic ballad that highlights the band’s harmonies and emotional depth. It resonated with fans and became a beloved part of their repertoire.
  9. Better Man (2016) – Written by Taylor Swift, this emotional ballad won the Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Fans love its poignant lyrics and powerful delivery.
  10. Wine, Beer, Whiskey (2020) – A playful, catchy tune that became a hit on the country charts. Its fun lyrics and upbeat tempo make it a party favorite.

The Most Popular Little Big Town Video

The most popular Little Big Town video is “Girl Crush,” which has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube. This video showcases the band’s emotional performance, resonating deeply with fans worldwide. The haunting visuals and powerful storytelling in the video complement the song’s poignant lyrics, making it a standout piece in their discography. “Girl Crush” not only topped the charts but also became a cultural phenomenon, earning multiple awards and solidifying Little Big Town’s place in the country music scene.

Fans love the “Girl Crush” video for its raw emotion and artistic direction. The video’s high view count is a testament to its enduring popularity and the strong connection it has with viewers. The simplicity and elegance of the visuals allow the song’s message to take center stage, creating a lasting impact on everyone who watches it. This video exemplifies Little Big Town’s ability to blend heartfelt music with compelling visuals, making it a must-see for any fan of the band.

Little Big Town Bio & Rise to Fame

A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Country Music Stardom

  • Formation (1998) – Little Big Town was formed in 1998 by Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook. Their harmonious vocals and strong chemistry set them apart from other country music groups.
  • Debut Album (2002) – The group’s self-titled debut album was released in 2002, featuring their first single “Don’t Waste My Time.” Although the album had moderate success, it laid the foundation for their future career.
  • Breakthrough Success with “The Road to Here” (2005) – Their second album, “The Road to Here,” was a major breakthrough, earning platinum certification and featuring hit singles like “Boondocks” and “Bring It On Home.”
  • Acclaim with “A Place to Land” (2007) – The third album “A Place to Land” continued their success, producing hits like “Fine Line” and further establishing their presence in the country music scene.
  • Grammy Wins and “Tornado” (2012) – The album “Tornado” brought Little Big Town significant acclaim, with the hit single “Pontoon” earning them their first Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.
  • Critical and Commercial Success with “Pain Killer” (2014) – “Pain Killer” solidified their status as country music superstars, featuring the critically acclaimed and commercially successful single “Girl Crush,” which won multiple awards.
  • Continued Success with “The Breaker” (2017) – Their eighth studio album, “The Breaker,” included the hit “Better Man,” written by Taylor Swift. The song topped the charts and won a Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.
  • Innovative “Nightfall” Album (2020) – “Nightfall” showcased their continued evolution as artists, receiving widespread praise for its innovative sound and thoughtful lyrics.
  • Numerous Awards and Honors – Over the years, Little Big Town has received numerous awards, including Grammy Awards, CMA Awards, and ACM Awards, cementing their legacy in country music.
  • Enduring Influence – With a career spanning over two decades, Little Big Town remains a significant influence in country music, known for their distinctive harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and engaging live performances.

Fascinating Insights About Little Big Town’s Tours

Little Big Town’s tours are known for their exceptional performances, unique moments, and memorable experiences. Here are some intriguing facts that make their concerts a must-see event:

  1. Collaborative Performances – Little Big Town often collaborates with other artists during their tours, creating unforgettable live performances. These collaborations bring an exciting dynamic to their shows, keeping the audience engaged.
  2. Award-Winning Setlists – Their setlists feature a mix of award-winning hits and fan favorites, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. Songs like “Girl Crush” and “Pontoon” are often the highlights of their concerts.
  3. Stunning Visuals – The stage design and lighting effects used in Little Big Town’s concerts are top-notch, creating a visually captivating experience. Their attention to detail in production makes each show visually stunning.
  4. Audience Interaction – Little Big Town is known for their genuine interaction with the audience, making fans feel like an integral part of the performance. This connection enhances the overall concert experience.
  5. Intimate Performances – Despite their large venues, Little Big Town manages to create an intimate atmosphere during their acoustic sets, making every attendee feel like they are part of a special moment.
  6. Special Effects – Their concerts often feature pyrotechnics and other special effects that add an extra layer of excitement and surprise to the live performance.
  7. Guest Appearances – Occasionally, surprise guest artists join Little Big Town on stage, adding a unique element to each show. These surprise appearances are always a highlight for fans.
  8. Charity Initiatives – Little Big Town often incorporates charitable elements into their tours, raising awareness and funds for various causes. This adds a meaningful aspect to their concerts.
  9. Tour Merchandise – Their tours offer exclusive merchandise that fans can purchase as a keepsake from the concert, including limited edition items that are only available during the tour.
  10. Global Reach – Little Big Town’s tours have taken them to numerous countries, allowing fans from all over the world to experience their live performances. Their global tours have helped them build a diverse and dedicated fan base.
  11. Little Big Town Ticket Buying Tips

    Finding tickets for a Little Big Town concert can be a smooth and secure process if you follow these helpful tips. Make your go-to source for the best ticket-buying experience.

    1. Plan Ahead – Keep an eye on tour announcements and ticket release dates. Subscribing to the Little Big Town artist page on ensures you receive notifications about ticket availability and other important updates.
    2. Buy from Trusted Sources – Always purchase tickets from reputable websites. offers a reliable platform to find and buy tickets safely and securely.
    3. Compare Prices – Ticket prices can vary depending on the seller and seating options. Use to compare prices and find the best deals for your preferred seats.
    4. Check for Presales – Look out for presale opportunities, which can give you access to tickets before the general public. Fan clubs and credit card companies often offer presale codes.
    5. Consider VIP Packages – For a unique concert experience, consider purchasing VIP packages. These often include premium seating, exclusive merchandise, and meet-and-greet opportunities.
    6. Be Flexible with Dates – If possible, be flexible with concert dates and locations. This increases your chances of finding available tickets and sometimes even better deals.
    7. Use Mobile Apps – Many ticket vendors have mobile apps that offer real-time updates and exclusive deals. Make sure to download and use these apps for a convenient ticket-buying experience.
    8. Beware of Scams – Avoid purchasing tickets from unverified sellers or through suspicious links. Stick to known and trusted websites like to avoid scams.
    9. Follow Social Media – Follow Little Big Town and on social media platforms for the latest news, ticket giveaways, and special promotions.
    10. Check Refund Policies – Before making a purchase, review the ticket vendor’s refund and exchange policies. This ensures you’re covered in case of event changes or cancellations.
    11. Little Big Town’s Concert Testimonials

      Little Big Town concerts are known for their dynamic performances, stunning stage designs, and unforgettable musical experiences. Here’s what fans have to say about their recent tours:

      • The Breaker Tour (2017) – “The Breaker Tour was amazing! The harmonies were perfect, and the guest appearance by Miranda Lambert was a fantastic surprise. The energy was incredible from start to finish.” – Jessica, Nashville
      • Pain Killer Tour (2015) – “Seeing Little Big Town live was a dream come true. The stage setup was unique, with a beautiful backdrop and stunning lighting effects. Their performance of ‘Girl Crush’ was unforgettable.” – Michael, Chicago
      • Nightfall Tour (2020) – “The Nightfall Tour was an extraordinary experience. The band’s interaction with the audience made it feel so personal. The pyrotechnics during ‘Boondocks’ added an extra thrill.” – Emily, Los Angeles
      • The Tornado Tour (2013) – “This tour was absolutely electric! The live renditions of their hits had everyone on their feet. The special effects and lighting were top-notch.” – David, Atlanta
      • Reason Why Tour (2011) – “The Reason Why Tour showcased their incredible vocal talents and stage presence. The acoustic set in the middle was a highlight, creating an intimate atmosphere.” – Sarah, Dallas
      • Wanderlust Tour (2016) – “The Wanderlust Tour was a visual and auditory delight. The band’s energy was contagious, and the guest artist appearances were a pleasant surprise.” – Jason, Seattle
      • We Are Here Tour (2018) – “The We Are Here Tour was full of surprises and high-energy performances. The way they engaged with the crowd made the experience even more special.” – Laura, Denver
      • Summer Plays On Tour (2018) – “Summer Plays On was a fantastic summer tour. The outdoor venue, combined with their hit songs, created a perfect night. The fireworks at the end were spectacular!” – Alex, Miami
      • A Place to Land Tour (2008) – “The A Place to Land Tour was my first Little Big Town concert, and it was phenomenal. The band’s chemistry on stage was evident, making it an unforgettable show.” – Rachel, New York
      • Road to Here Tour (2006) – “This tour really showcased their musical evolution. The setlist was a great mix of new hits and classic favorites. Their performance was full of energy and passion.” – Tom, Boston

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