Skillet Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience Skillet’s electrifying rock concert tour, featuring their greatest hits, dynamic stage presence, and unforgettable live performances that will leave you wanting more.

Skillet Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
19 July, 2024
Mansfield, Ohio from $151.65 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Mansfield, Ohio from $106.60 Tickets
25 July, 2024
Menahga, Minnesota from $299.99 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Dubuque, Iowa from $55.00 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Menahga, Minnesota from $85.00 Tickets
28 July, 2024
Springfield, MO from $42.00 Tickets
03 August, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia from $72.00 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Oak Grove, Kentucky from $44.23 Tickets
24 August, 2024
Mitchell, SD from $62.37 Tickets
17 September, 2024
Asheville, North Carolina from $49.00 Tickets
19 September, 2024
Baltimore, MD from $64.78 Tickets
20 September, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts from $71.00 Tickets
21 September, 2024
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from $60.00 Tickets
23 September, 2024
Pittsburgh, PA from $72.00 Tickets
24 September, 2024
Chicago, Illinois from $79.00 Tickets
27 September, 2024
Huntington, West Virginia from $70.63 Tickets
02 October, 2024
Kansas City, Missouri from $66.98 Tickets
03 October, 2024
Maryland Heights, Missouri from $52.00 Tickets
05 October, 2024
Houston, Texas from $71.34 Tickets
06 October, 2024
Grand Prairie, TX from $59.85 Tickets
08 October, 2024
Lubbock, Texas from $79.54 Tickets
09 October, 2024
Albuquerque, NM from $67.00 Tickets
11 October, 2024
Mesa, AZ from $143.00 Tickets
15 October, 2024
Denver, CO from $73.29 Tickets
18 October, 2024
La Vista, Nebraska from $74.39 Tickets
19 October, 2024
Waukee, Iowa from $68.88 Tickets
20 October, 2024
Minneapolis, MN from $49.00 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Skillet Tour Concert

Skillet concerts are known for their high-energy performances, captivating stage presence, and unforgettable musical experiences. Here’s what you can expect at a Skillet tour concert:

  • Electrifying Performances: Skillet delivers powerful live performances with a mix of rock anthems and emotional ballads that resonate with fans.
  • Dynamic Stage Presence: The band is known for their intense and engaging stage presence, keeping the audience captivated from start to finish.
  • Visual Effects: Expect stunning visual effects, including pyrotechnics, impressive lighting, and captivating video displays that enhance the concert experience.
  • Fan Interaction: Skillet often interacts with their audience, creating a sense of connection and making the concert feel personal and memorable.
  • Greatest Hits: The setlist typically includes fan-favorite hits like “Monster,” “Hero,” and “Awake and Alive,” ensuring an unforgettable musical journey.
  • Special Guests: Occasionally, the band features guest artists or surprise performances, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show.
  • Merchandise: Concert-goers can purchase exclusive Skillet merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, and other memorabilia to commemorate the experience.
  • Energetic Crowd: The energy and enthusiasm of fellow fans create a vibrant and electrifying atmosphere, making the concert even more enjoyable.

The Most Popular Songs of Skillet

Skillet has captivated fans with their powerful and emotive music, blending rock, alternative, and Christian metal. Here are 10 of their most popular songs that fans love:

  1. Monster (2009) – This hard-hitting track from the album “Awake” became an anthem for fans, reaching high positions on rock charts and being certified Platinum. Its aggressive sound and relatable lyrics about inner struggles make it a fan favorite.
  2. Hero (2009) – Also from “Awake,” this song features a compelling mix of rock and orchestral elements. Its inspiring lyrics about bravery and strength have resonated deeply with listeners, earning it a Gold certification.
  3. Awake and Alive (2009) – Known for its dynamic arrangement and powerful vocals, this song from “Awake” highlights themes of resilience and faith, making it a staple in Skillet’s live performances.
  4. Feel Invincible (2016) – This lead single from “Unleashed” showcases Skillet’s signature blend of rock and electronic elements. It quickly climbed the charts and became a popular sports anthem, loved for its empowering message.
  5. Comatose (2006) – The title track from the album “Comatose” features intense guitar riffs and emotive lyrics about awakening from a life of numbness. Its emotional depth and musical intensity have made it a long-time fan favorite.
  6. Whispers in the Dark (2006) – This song from “Comatose” combines dark, haunting melodies with themes of hope and perseverance. Its captivating sound and meaningful lyrics have secured its place among Skillet’s most beloved tracks.
  7. Not Gonna Die (2013) – From the album “Rise,” this song’s powerful lyrics and driving beat inspire listeners to overcome challenges. Its anthemic quality and emotional intensity make it a standout track.
  8. Rebirthing (2006) – With its soaring vocals and heavy guitar work, this song from “Comatose” speaks to themes of renewal and transformation. Its energetic sound has made it a live concert favorite.
  9. Stars (2016) – A softer, more reflective track from “Unleashed,” this song explores themes of love and faith. Its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics have made it a touching favorite among fans.
  10. Legendary (2019) – The lead single from “Victorious” features a powerful, anthemic sound and lyrics about achieving greatness. Its catchy hooks and motivational message have quickly made it a fan favorite.

The Most Popular Skillet Video

The most popular video by Skillet is “Monster,” which has amassed over 455 million views on YouTube. Released in 2009 as part of their “Awake” album, the video showcases the band’s energetic performance style, interspersed with narrative scenes that complement the song’s themes of inner turmoil and transformation. The powerful visuals, combined with the track’s intense sound and relatable lyrics, have resonated deeply with fans, contributing to its massive popularity.

The video’s success is further reflected in its continued relevance and frequent inclusion in various playlists and media. “Monster” has not only dominated rock charts but has also become a staple in sports arenas and events, amplifying its reach beyond typical music video viewership. Its enduring appeal is a testament to Skillet’s ability to create impactful music that connects with a wide audience, solidifying their status in the rock and alternative music scenes.

Skillet Bio & Rise to Fame

From humble beginnings to rock stardom

  • Formation and Early Years (1996) – Skillet was formed in Memphis, Tennessee, by lead vocalist and bassist John Cooper and guitarist Ken Steorts. The band’s name was chosen due to their different musical backgrounds, akin to throwing all their styles into a “skillet” to create something unique.
  • Debut Album (1996) – Their self-titled debut album was released later that year under the Ardent Records label, establishing their presence in the Christian rock scene.
  • Breakthrough with “Collide” (2003) – The release of “Collide” marked a turning point for Skillet, earning them a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album and broadening their fan base significantly.
  • Continued Success with “Comatose” (2006) – “Comatose” saw further success, achieving Gold certification and featuring hit singles like “Whispers in the Dark” and “Rebirthing.” The album’s critical acclaim solidified their reputation in both Christian and mainstream rock circles.
  • Chart-topping “Awake” (2009) – “Awake” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and included the massively popular single “Monster.” The album went on to achieve Platinum certification, making Skillet a household name.
  • Touring and Live Performances – Known for their dynamic and high-energy live performances, Skillet has toured extensively, headlining major music festivals and supporting acts like Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin.
  • Awards and Recognition – Throughout their career, Skillet has received numerous awards, including multiple GMA Dove Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammy nominations, acknowledging their contributions to rock music.
  • Recent Projects (2019-2022) – Skillet’s later albums, such as “Victorious” (2019) and “Dominion” (2022), continue to showcase their evolving sound and ability to resonate with fans worldwide.
  • Influence and Legacy – With a career spanning over two decades, Skillet’s influence on the rock genre is undeniable, inspiring countless artists and maintaining a dedicated fanbase.

Fascinating Insights About Skillet’s Tours

Discover the unique and exciting aspects of Skillet’s tours that make their live performances unforgettable experiences for fans around the world.

  1. High-Energy Performances – Skillet is renowned for their high-energy shows, combining powerful vocals, intense guitar riffs, and dramatic lighting effects that captivate audiences from start to finish.
  2. Pyrotechnics and Special Effects – Their concerts often feature impressive pyrotechnics and special effects, enhancing the visual spectacle and adding to the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere.
  3. Audience Interaction – Skillet is known for their engaging interactions with the audience, often encouraging sing-alongs and creating an inclusive, communal concert experience.
  4. Guest Artists – Over the years, Skillet has toured with a variety of guest artists, including popular bands like Red and Thousand Foot Krutch, adding diversity and excitement to their concert line-ups.
  5. Unique Stage Designs – Each tour boasts unique stage designs that reflect the themes of their albums, featuring everything from gothic cathedrals to futuristic landscapes.
  6. Memorable Drum Solos – Drummer Jen Ledger is celebrated for her incredible drum solos, which are a highlight of Skillet’s live shows and showcase her exceptional talent.
  7. Intimate Acoustic Sets – In addition to their electrifying rock performances, Skillet often includes intimate acoustic sets, providing a different, more personal experience for fans.
  8. Global Reach – Skillet’s tours have taken them across the globe, performing in countries like Japan, Russia, and Brazil, demonstrating their international appeal and dedicated fanbase worldwide.
  9. Record-Breaking Crowds – Their popularity has seen them perform in front of record-breaking crowds, including headlining slots at major festivals like Rock on the Range and Download Festival.
  10. Fan Meet-and-Greets – Skillet frequently offers fan meet-and-greet opportunities, allowing fans to connect personally with the band, creating lasting memories and deepening their connection with their music.

Skillet Ticket Buying Tips

Finding the best tickets for Skillet’s concerts can be easy and affordable with the right approach. Here are some tips to help you secure your spot at their next live performance.

  1. Buy Early – Tickets for Skillet’s concerts can sell out quickly, so it’s best to purchase them as soon as they go on sale. This increases your chances of getting good seats at reasonable prices.
  2. Use Reliable Sources – Always buy your tickets from reliable sources to avoid scams. is a secure and trusted site where you can find and purchase tickets.
  3. Subscribe for Notifications – Subscribe to Skillet’s artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability, presale codes, and other important updates.
  4. Look for Presales – Many artists, including Skillet, offer presales for fan club members, credit card holders, or through exclusive partnerships. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to get tickets before the general public.
  5. Check Different Seating Options – Compare prices for different seating options. Sometimes, slightly less desirable seats offer significant savings and still provide a great concert experience.
  6. Consider VIP Packages – For the ultimate fan experience, consider purchasing VIP packages, which can include perks like meet-and-greets, exclusive merchandise, and premium seating.
  7. Be Flexible with Dates – If Skillet is playing multiple dates in your area, be flexible with your choice of concert date. This can help you find better seats or lower prices.
  8. Check for Discounts – Look for discounts and promotions that might be available for students, military personnel, or other groups. These can provide significant savings on ticket prices.
  9. Stay Updated – Follow Skillet on social media and regularly check for the latest news and updates on tour dates and ticket releases.
  10. Plan Your Purchase – Have all your payment information ready when tickets go on sale to ensure a smooth and quick transaction, reducing the risk of losing out on good seats.

Skillet’s Concert Testimonials

Fans of Skillet have shared their unforgettable experiences from various tours, highlighting the electrifying performances, special effects, and memorable interactions with the band.

  • Unleashed Tour (2017) – “Skillet’s energy was off the charts! The pyrotechnics were spectacular, and the band’s interaction with the audience made it an incredible night.” – John, New York
  • Victorious Tour (2019) – “The stage design was stunning, with vibrant lights and dynamic visuals. Hearing their hits live was a surreal experience. I’ll never forget this concert.” – Sarah, Los Angeles
  • Awake Tour (2010) – “Skillet knows how to put on a show. The guest artists added an extra layer of excitement, and the live performance of ‘Monster’ was epic.” – Mike, Chicago
  • Rise Tour (2013) – “From the moment they hit the stage, the crowd was in a frenzy. The band’s passion and connection with the fans were evident throughout the night.” – Emily, Houston
  • Comatose Tour (2006) – “The use of special effects and dramatic lighting enhanced the overall experience. Skillet’s performance was powerful and deeply moving.” – Kevin, Atlanta
  • Collide Tour (2004) – “The concert was a rollercoaster of emotions, with powerful lyrics and intense music. Skillet’s live performance is something everyone should experience at least once.” – Laura, Denver
  • Dominion Tour (2022) – “The band’s energy and the incredible stage production made it a night to remember. Skillet always delivers an unforgettable live experience.” – Rachel, Seattle
  • Pandemonium Tour (2021) – “The concert was a visual and auditory spectacle. The band’s connection with the audience made it feel like a giant family gathering.” – Brian, Miami
  • Alien Youth Tour (2001) – “Skillet’s performance was electrifying, and the setlist was perfect. The pyrotechnics added a thrilling element to the show.” – Jessica, Boston
  • Invincible Tour (2000) – “Seeing Skillet live was an amazing experience. The band’s energy and the crowd’s enthusiasm created an unforgettable atmosphere.” – Adam, San Francisco

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