Sleeping With Sirens Tour Tickets | 2024

Sleeping With Sirens

Experience Sleeping With Sirens’ electrifying concert tour, where their post-hardcore hits come alive on stage in unforgettable live performances.

Sleeping With Sirens Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
19 July, 2024
Mansfield, Ohio from $151.65 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Mansfield, Ohio from $106.60 Tickets
22 September, 2024
Milwaukee, Wisconsin from $53.00 Tickets
24 September, 2024
Sauget, Illinois from $33.00 Tickets
25 September, 2024
Fort Wayne, Indiana from $48.00 Tickets
27 September, 2024
Columbus, Ohio from $32.86 Tickets
30 September, 2024
Richmond, VA from $116.55 Tickets
01 October, 2024
Raleigh, NC from $100.98 Tickets
02 October, 2024
Orlando, Florida from $178.50 Tickets
04 October, 2024
New Orleans, LA from $160.90 Tickets
05 October, 2024
San Antonio, Texas from $381.56 Tickets
06 October, 2024
Dallas, TX from $125.00 Tickets
08 October, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK from $60.00 Tickets
09 October, 2024
Albuquerque, New Mexico from $145.00 Tickets
11 October, 2024
Reno, Nevada from $110.00 Tickets
14 October, 2024
Salt Lake City, Utah from $54.00 Tickets
16 October, 2024
Seattle, WA from $75.50 Tickets
17 October, 2024
Portland, OR from $80.66 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Sleeping With Sirens Tour Concert

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at a Sleeping With Sirens concert. Here’s what you can look forward to during their tour performances:

  • High-Energy Performances: Sleeping With Sirens are known for their electrifying stage presence, delivering each song with intense energy that keeps the crowd engaged and hyped throughout the show.
  • Hit Songs: Expect to hear their biggest hits like “If You Can’t Hang,” “Kick Me,” and “Leave It All Behind” performed live with the same passion that made them fan favorites.
  • Dynamic Visuals: The concert features stunning visual effects, including vibrant light shows and immersive stage designs that enhance the overall atmosphere and make the performance visually captivating.
  • Engaging Stage Presence: Lead vocalist Kellin Quinn’s magnetic presence ensures that every performance is filled with emotion and a genuine connection with the audience.
  • Special Guests: Be prepared for surprise guest appearances from fellow artists and collaborators, adding an extra layer of excitement to the concert.
  • Sing-Along Moments: Fans can look forward to powerful sing-along moments during the show, as the band performs their anthemic choruses and emotionally charged lyrics.
  • Memorable Encores: Their encores are a highlight, often featuring extended versions of fan-favorite tracks and leaving the audience wanting more.
  • Festival Atmosphere: Known for their energetic performances at major festivals, Sleeping With Sirens bring the same high-energy, crowd-pleasing vibe to their tour concerts, creating a festival-like atmosphere at each show.

The Most Popular Songs of Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens have made a significant impact on the post-hardcore and alternative rock scenes with their powerful tracks. Here are ten of their most popular songs that fans love:

  1. If You Can’t Hang (2011) – From their album “Let’s Cheers to This,” this track is a fan favorite for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. It showcases the band’s signature blend of post-hardcore and pop-punk elements.
  2. Kick Me (2014) – Featured on the album “Madness,” this song’s aggressive energy and anthemic chorus have made it a staple in their live performances. It resonated with fans for its rebellious spirit.
  3. Leave It All Behind (2019) – This single from the album “How It Feels to Be Lost” combines emotional lyrics with a powerful instrumental backdrop, capturing the band’s essence and connecting deeply with listeners.
  4. Roger Rabbit (2012) – Known for its acoustic vibe, this track from the “If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack” EP showcases the band’s versatility and Kellin Quinn’s emotive vocals.
  5. Scene Two – Roger Rabbit (Acoustic) (2012) – This acoustic rendition offers a softer, more intimate version of the original, highlighting the band’s ability to reinterpret their own music beautifully.
  6. If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn (2010) – A standout track from their debut album “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear,” this song’s romantic lyrics and dynamic composition have made it a long-time fan favorite.
  7. Better Off Dead (2015) – From the album “Madness,” this track deals with heavy themes and features a compelling mix of melody and intensity, resonating with fans on a deep level.
  8. Do It Now Remember It Later (2011) – Another hit from “Let’s Cheers to This,” this song’s energetic beat and motivational lyrics have made it an anthem for fans looking for a boost of confidence.
  9. Alone (feat. MGK) (2013) – This collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly from the album “Feel” combines elements of rap and rock, creating a unique and memorable track that fans love for its bold experimentation.
  10. Congratulations (feat. Matty Mullins) (2013) – Also from “Feel,” this track features Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins and delivers a high-energy performance with a powerful message of overcoming adversity.

The Most Popular Sleeping With Sirens Video

The most popular Sleeping With Sirens video is for their hit single “If You Can’t Hang.” This video has garnered over 153 million views on YouTube, showcasing the band’s widespread appeal and the song’s enduring popularity. The video features dynamic live performance footage intercut with narrative scenes, capturing the raw energy and emotional intensity that Sleeping With Sirens are known for. Its engaging visuals and powerful delivery have made it a standout in their videography.

Fans love the “If You Can’t Hang” video for its authenticity and the way it visually represents the song’s themes of heartbreak and resilience. The video’s success on YouTube and other platforms highlights the band’s ability to connect with a broad audience through their emotive lyrics and captivating performances. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Sleeping With Sirens’ impact on the post-hardcore scene and their talent for creating visually and emotionally compelling content.

Sleeping With Sirens Bio & Rise to Fame

Discover the journey of Sleeping With Sirens from their formation to becoming influential figures in the post-hardcore and alternative rock scenes.

  • Formation: Sleeping With Sirens was formed in 2009 in Orlando, Florida, by members of For All We Know, Broadway, and We Are Defiance. The original lineup included Kellin Quinn (vocals), Jack Fowler (lead guitar), Jesse Lawson (rhythm guitar), Justin Hills (bass), and Gabe Barham (drums).
  • Debut Album “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear” (2010): Their debut album was released to critical acclaim and commercial success, reaching number 7 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. The album showcased their unique blend of post-hardcore and metalcore, with standout tracks like “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.”
  • Breakthrough with “Let’s Cheers to This” (2011): Their second album, “Let’s Cheers to This,” included the hit single “If You Can’t Hang,” which became a fan favorite and significantly increased their popularity. The album’s success solidified their place in the alternative rock scene.
  • Acoustic EP “If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack” (2012): This acoustic EP showcased the band’s versatility and Kellin Quinn’s emotive vocal range. Tracks like “Roger Rabbit” highlighted their ability to reinterpret their music in a more intimate setting.
  • Continued Success with “Feel” (2013): The band’s third album featured collaborations with artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Matty Mullins, blending elements of rap and rock. The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200, marking a significant achievement in their career.
  • Evolution with “Madness” (2015): Their fourth album continued to explore new musical directions, with tracks like “Kick Me” and “Better Off Dead” resonating with fans for their raw energy and emotional depth. The album’s success further cemented their status in the rock world.
  • International Tours and Festivals: Sleeping With Sirens has performed at major music festivals such as Warped Tour and Reading & Leeds, gaining a global fan base and delivering high-energy performances that are widely praised.
  • “Gossip” and “How It Feels to Be Lost” (2017-2019): These albums showcased their continued evolution, with “How It Feels to Be Lost” returning to their heavier roots. The album received critical acclaim and reaffirmed their place in the post-hardcore scene.
  • Awards and Recognition: Sleeping With Sirens has received numerous accolades, including nominations for Alternative Press Music Awards and Kerrang! Awards, highlighting their impact on the rock and alternative music scenes.
  • Legacy: With a dedicated fan base, a string of successful albums, and a reputation for electrifying live performances, Sleeping With Sirens continues to be a driving force in the post-hardcore and alternative rock genres.

Fascinating Insights About Sleeping With Sirens’s Tours

Discover some intriguing facts about Sleeping With Sirens’s tours that will make you eager to experience their live performances.

  1. High-Energy Performances: Sleeping With Sirens are known for their electrifying stage presence, delivering each song with intense energy that keeps the crowd engaged and hyped throughout the show.
  2. Dynamic Setlists: Their setlists typically include a mix of their biggest hits and new material, ensuring a dynamic and varied performance that appeals to both longtime fans and new listeners.
  3. Special Guest Appearances: Fans can look forward to surprise guest appearances from fellow artists and collaborators, adding an extra layer of excitement to their concerts.
  4. Engaging Visuals: The concerts feature stunning visual effects, including vibrant light shows and immersive stage designs, enhancing the overall atmosphere and making the performance visually captivating.
  5. Acoustic Sets: In addition to their high-energy performances, Sleeping With Sirens often incorporate acoustic sets into their shows, showcasing their versatility and Kellin Quinn’s emotive vocals.
  6. Festival Favorites: The band has performed at major music festivals like Warped Tour, Reading & Leeds, and Rock on the Range, consistently drawing large, enthusiastic crowds.
  7. Fan Interaction: Sleeping With Sirens are known for their strong connection with their fans. They frequently interact with the audience during their shows, creating a personal and memorable concert experience.
  8. Memorable Encores: Their encores are a highlight, often featuring extended versions of fan-favorite tracks and leaving the audience wanting more.
  9. Exclusive Merchandise: Tour merchandise is highly sought after, with unique and limited-edition items that fans eagerly collect as mementos of their concert experience.
  10. Unforgettable Moments: From Kellin Quinn’s powerful vocals to the band’s tight instrumentation, Sleeping With Sirens concerts are filled with unforgettable moments that resonate with fans long after the show ends.

Sleeping With Sirens Ticket Buying Tips

Get the best tips for securing your tickets to see Sleeping With Sirens live, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  1. Plan Ahead: Sleeping With Sirens concerts can sell out quickly, so stay updated on tour announcements and ticket sale dates to ensure you don’t miss out.
  2. Use Trusted Sources: Always purchase your tickets from reliable and secure websites. is an excellent choice for finding affordable and legitimate tickets.
  3. Sign Up for Alerts: Subscribe to Sleeping With Sirens’s artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability, presale opportunities, and other updates.
  4. Compare Prices: Take the time to compare ticket prices across different platforms to ensure you get the best deal for your budget.
  5. Consider Presales: Many artists, including Sleeping With Sirens, offer presale tickets to fans who subscribe to newsletters or join fan clubs. These presales can provide early access and better seat options.
  6. Be Ready on Sale Day: On the day tickets go on sale, be prepared with your payment information and log in to your chosen ticket site a few minutes early to increase your chances of getting good seats.
  7. Check for VIP Packages: If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience, check if Sleeping With Sirens offers VIP packages. These often include premium seating, meet-and-greet opportunities, and other perks.
  8. Beware of Scams: Avoid purchasing tickets from unofficial sources or scalpers, as these can lead to counterfeit tickets. Stick to trusted websites like for a safe buying experience.
  9. Look for Bundle Deals: Some venues or ticket platforms may offer bundled deals, such as tickets combined with merchandise or parking passes, providing added value and convenience.
  10. Stay Informed: Follow Sleeping With Sirens on social media and join fan communities to stay updated on any last-minute ticket releases or changes to tour dates.

Sleeping With Sirens’s Concert Testimonials

Read what fans have to say about their unforgettable experiences at Sleeping With Sirens’s concerts.

  • Incredible Energy at Warped Tour (2013) – The band’s performance at Warped Tour was unforgettable. The energy was through the roof, and the crowd went wild during “If You Can’t Hang.” The pyrotechnics added an extra layer of excitement. – Jake, Miami
  • Intimate Show at The Roxy (2014) – Seeing Sleeping With Sirens at The Roxy was an amazing experience. The intimate setting made the performance feel personal, and Kellin’s interaction with the audience was incredible. – Emily, Los Angeles
  • High-Energy Set at Reading Festival (2015) – Their set at Reading Festival was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The crowd was electric, and their live renditions of “Kick Me” and “Better Off Dead” were phenomenal. – Sarah, London
  • Memorable Night at Red Rocks (2017) – Sleeping With Sirens’s show at Red Rocks was magical. The natural acoustics of the venue paired perfectly with their sound, and the visuals were stunning. – Mark, Denver
  • Festival Vibes at Rock on the Range (2018) – The band’s performance at Rock on the Range was a standout. The live instrumentation and Kellin’s powerful vocals created an unforgettable experience. – Lisa, Columbus
  • Unforgettable Performance at House of Blues (2019) – The House of Blues show was amazing. The stage design was unique, and the band’s energy was contagious. Kellin even jumped into the crowd during “Leave It All Behind.” – Mike, Boston
  • Insane Energy at Slam Dunk Festival (2019) – Sleeping With Sirens brought insane energy to Slam Dunk Festival. The mosh pits were wild, and the band’s performance of “Do It Now Remember It Later” was a highlight. – Jessica, Leeds
  • Emotional Night at The Fillmore (2018) – The Fillmore show was a rollercoaster of emotions. Kellin’s acoustic set was beautiful, and the full band performance had everyone singing along. – Chris, San Francisco
  • Wild Show at Made in America Festival (2021) – The band’s performance at Made in America Festival was wild. The crowd was so energized, and their delivery of “Alone” with MGK was powerful. – Emma, Philadelphia
  • Electric Performance at Governor’s Ball (2021) – Sleeping With Sirens’s set at Governor’s Ball was electric. Their performance of “Congratulations” had everyone in the crowd jumping. The stage design and light show were top-notch. – Liam, New York

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