The Chainsmokers Tour Tickets | 2024

The Chainsmokers

Experience The Chainsmokers live on tour! Enjoy their electrifying performance, biggest hits, and captivating stage presence at an unforgettable concert.

The Chainsmokers Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
20 July, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $95.61 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Denver, Colorado from $140.00 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $88.50 Tickets
03 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $90.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Seattle, Washington from $283.25 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $100.00 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $96.61 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Los Angeles, California from $122.00 Tickets
24 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $95.00 Tickets
31 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $98.00 Tickets
14 September, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $98.00 Tickets
21 September, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $96.00 Tickets
28 September, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $97.61 Tickets

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What to Expect at a The Chainsmokers Tour Concert

The Chainsmokers’ tour concerts are known for their high-energy performances and unforgettable experiences. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Amazing visual effects and light shows that create a mesmerizing atmosphere.
  • Live renditions of their biggest hits, including “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Something Just Like This.”
  • Interactive moments with the audience, making each concert feel unique and personal.
  • Guest appearances and collaborations with other popular artists.
  • An eclectic mix of genres, blending electronic, pop, and dance music seamlessly.
  • Engaging stage presence and dynamic performances from Alex Pall and Drew Taggart.
  • Top-notch sound quality that brings their studio recordings to life.
  • Exclusive merchandise and concert memorabilia available for purchase.
  • Opportunities to meet and greet the artists for a truly memorable experience.
  • A fun, vibrant atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

The Most Popular Songs of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have produced numerous hits that have captivated audiences worldwide. Here are ten of their most popular songs, showcasing their versatility and talent:

  1. Closer (2016) – This song, featuring Halsey, topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks. It blends electronic dance music (EDM) with pop, and its catchy chorus and nostalgic lyrics have made it a fan favorite.
  2. Don’t Let Me Down (2016) – Featuring Daya, this track reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its powerful beats and emotional lyrics resonate with listeners, making it a staple in The Chainsmokers’ discography.
  3. Something Just Like This (2017) – A collaboration with Coldplay, this song blends EDM with alternative rock. It peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is loved for its uplifting lyrics and epic chorus.
  4. Paris (2017) – This song reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its dreamy melody and reflective lyrics capture a sense of longing and escapism that resonates deeply with fans.
  5. Roses (2015) – Featuring Rozes, this track peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its blend of indie pop and EDM, combined with romantic lyrics, has made it a timeless hit.
  6. All We Know (2016) – Featuring Phoebe Ryan, this song reached number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its mellow beats and heartfelt lyrics about love and resilience make it a standout track.
  7. Side Effects (2018) – Featuring Emily Warren, this song combines funky beats with EDM. Its catchy rhythm and engaging lyrics about life’s ups and downs have made it popular among fans.
  8. Call You Mine (2019) – Featuring Bebe Rexha, this track reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its energetic beats and powerful vocals have made it a fan favorite in their live performances.
  9. Sick Boy (2018) – This song marked a shift in their style, introducing a darker, more introspective tone. Its deep lyrics and strong beats resonated with many listeners, making it a popular track.
  10. Takeaway (2019) – Featuring Illenium and Lennon Stella, this song blends EDM with a touch of melancholic pop. Its emotional depth and beautiful melodies have earned it a special place in fans’ hearts.

The Most Popular The Chainsmokers Video

The most popular video by The Chainsmokers is “Closer” featuring Halsey. As of now, it has amassed over 2.8 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the most-watched music videos on the platform. The video captures a youthful, carefree vibe with a narrative that complements the nostalgic and romantic lyrics of the song. Its widespread appeal is evident in its impressive view count and the numerous comments from fans who connect with its story and melody.

“Closer” has not only dominated YouTube but also left a significant mark on pop culture. The video’s popularity contributed to the song’s long stay at the top of the charts, and it continues to be a favorite among fans of all ages. The video’s high production quality, relatable themes, and the chemistry between The Chainsmokers and Halsey have all played a role in its enduring success. The blend of a catchy tune and engaging visuals ensures that “Closer” remains a timeless hit that resonates with viewers globally.

The Chainsmokers Bio & Rise to Fame

  • Formation and Early Years: The Chainsmokers, consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, formed in 2012 in New York City. They initially gained attention with their remixes of indie songs.
  • Breakthrough Hit: In 2014, they released “Selfie,” a viral novelty song that became a worldwide hit, reaching the top 20 in several countries and solidifying their place in the electronic music scene.
  • EP Releases: Their debut EP, “Bouquet,” was released in 2015, featuring the hit single “Roses,” which peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and received multi-platinum certification.
  • Continued Success: In 2016, they released “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, which won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording and became one of their most successful singles.
  • Major Collaboration: “Closer” featuring Halsey, released in 2016, became their biggest hit, topping the charts in over a dozen countries and staying at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • Debut Album: In 2017, they released their debut studio album “Memories…Do Not Open,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and included hits like “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay.
  • Continued Chart Success: Their 2018 album “Sick Boy” included successful singles like “This Feeling” featuring Kelsea Ballerini and “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren.
  • Industry Recognition: The Chainsmokers have received numerous awards, including several Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards, acknowledging their impact on the music industry.
  • Innovative Tours: Known for their high-energy performances, they have headlined major music festivals and embarked on numerous world tours, further cementing their status as top electronic music artists.
  • Influence and Legacy: The Chainsmokers have continually evolved their sound, influencing the electronic and pop music genres and maintaining a strong fan base worldwide.

Fascinating Insights About The Chainsmokers’s Tours

The Chainsmokers’s tours are known for their electrifying energy, innovative stage designs, and unforgettable performances. Here are some intriguing facts about their tours that make them a must-see live experience:

  1. Memorable Performances and Guest Artists (2017): During their “Memories…Do Not Open” tour, The Chainsmokers brought out surprise guest artists like Halsey and Daya, performing their hit collaborations live, much to the delight of fans.
  2. Innovative Stage Design (2018): Their “Sick Boy” tour featured an elaborate stage setup with giant LED screens, pyrotechnics, and confetti cannons, creating a visually stunning experience that captivated audiences.
  3. Immersive Visual Effects (2019): On the “World War Joy” tour, the duo used state-of-the-art visual effects, including 3D projections and laser light shows, enhancing the overall concert experience and keeping fans mesmerized.
  4. High-Energy Performances (2020): Known for their boundless energy, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart keep the crowd engaged with their dynamic performances, jumping into the audience and interacting with fans throughout the show.
  5. Intimate Acoustic Sets (2019): To create a unique concert experience, The Chainsmokers occasionally perform stripped-down acoustic versions of their hits, offering fans an intimate and personal connection with their music.
  6. Surprise Mashups (2018): Fans love the unexpected mashups The Chainsmokers incorporate into their sets, blending their tracks with popular songs from other genres, creating a fresh and exciting musical experience.
  7. Exclusive Merchandise (2017): At their concerts, fans can purchase exclusive tour merchandise, including limited-edition apparel and signed memorabilia, making the experience even more special.
  8. Interactive Elements (2020): The duo often includes interactive elements, such as live social media feeds and fan participation segments, making each concert feel unique and engaging for the audience.
  9. Behind-the-Scenes Content (2019): The Chainsmokers share behind-the-scenes footage from their tours on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their lives on the road and the preparation that goes into their spectacular shows.
  10. Charitable Contributions (2018): Known for their philanthropy, The Chainsmokers have used their tours to raise awareness and funds for various causes, making their concerts not only entertaining but also impactful.
  11. The Chainsmokers Ticket Buying Tips

    Buying tickets for The Chainsmokers’ concerts can be an exciting yet challenging task. Here are some tips to help you secure your tickets easily and affordably:

    1. Plan Ahead: The Chainsmokers’ concerts are in high demand, so it’s essential to plan ahead. Mark the ticket sale date on your calendar and set reminders to ensure you’re ready when tickets go live.
    2. Join Fan Clubs: Consider joining The Chainsmokers’ official fan club or following them on social media for early access to ticket sales, exclusive pre-sales, and promotional codes.
    3. Use Reliable Sources: Always buy your tickets from reputable sources. Visit for a safe and secure ticket-buying experience, ensuring you get legitimate tickets at the best prices.
    4. Subscribe for Notifications: Subscribe to The Chainsmokers’ artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability, tour dates, and other important updates.
    5. Compare Prices: Compare prices across different platforms to find the best deals. However, be cautious of extremely low prices, as they may indicate counterfeit tickets.
    6. Check for VIP Packages: VIP packages often include additional perks such as meet-and-greet opportunities, exclusive merchandise, and premium seating. Check for available VIP packages for The Chainsmokers’ concerts.
    7. Be Quick: Tickets for popular concerts like The Chainsmokers can sell out quickly. Be prepared to purchase your tickets as soon as they become available to avoid missing out.
    8. Consider Resale Options: If you miss the initial sale, consider checking reputable resale sites for tickets. also offers secure resale options to help you find tickets even after they are sold out.
    9. Stay Informed: Keep up with The Chainsmokers’ tour announcements and ticket sales updates by following them on social media and visiting their official website regularly.
    10. Watch for Discounts: Look out for promotional discounts and special offers that may be available through newsletters, fan clubs, or ticketing websites like
    11. The Chainsmokers’s Concert Testimonials

      Fans of The Chainsmokers have shared countless memorable experiences from their concerts. Here are some testimonials highlighting the electrifying performances, special moments, and unforgettable shows.

      • Memorable Night at Madison Square Garden (2019) – The Chainsmokers’ show at Madison Square Garden was a spectacle of lights, pyrotechnics, and non-stop hits. The energy was contagious, and the audience sang along to every song. The surprise guest appearance by Halsey for “Closer” was the highlight of the night. – John, New York City
      • Unforgettable Performance in Los Angeles (2020) – The Los Angeles concert was nothing short of amazing. The stage design was innovative, with moving platforms and an impressive light show. The duo’s interaction with the crowd made everyone feel part of the experience. – Sarah, Los Angeles
      • Epic Night at the O2 Arena (2021) – The Chainsmokers’ concert at the O2 Arena was a blast. The pyrotechnics and visual effects were out of this world, creating a dynamic and immersive performance. The guest performance by Daya on “Don’t Let Me Down” was incredible. – Liam, London
      • Electric Atmosphere in Miami (2018) – The Miami show was unforgettable with its high-energy performance and engaging visuals. The duo’s chemistry on stage was palpable, and their setlist included all the fan favorites. – Maria, Miami
      • Dynamic Performance in Chicago (2019) – The Chicago concert was a hit with its vibrant stage setup and spectacular light displays. The Chainsmokers’ interaction with the audience was fantastic, making the night even more special. – Emily, Chicago
      • Incredible Show in Toronto (2021) – The performance in Toronto was one for the books. The live band added a new dimension to the show, and the fireworks display during the finale was breathtaking. – Daniel, Toronto
      • A Night to Remember in Sydney (2020) – The Sydney concert was an explosive mix of great music, stunning visuals, and crowd engagement. The surprise inclusion of older tracks made longtime fans ecstatic. – Olivia, Sydney
      • Thrilling Experience in Las Vegas (2019) – The Chainsmokers’ Las Vegas show was packed with non-stop entertainment. The choreography, special effects, and guest artists kept the energy high throughout the night. – Jake, Las Vegas
      • Amazing Concert in Berlin (2018) – The Berlin show was a visual and auditory feast. The duo’s performance was flawless, and the audience interaction added a personal touch. – Anna, Berlin
      • Unbelievable Performance in Tokyo (2021) – The Tokyo concert was an extraordinary experience with its unique stage design and impressive light show. The Chainsmokers’ performance was captivating from start to finish. – Yuki, Tokyo

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