The Head and the Heart Tour Tickets | 2024

The Head and the Heart

Experience The Head and the Heart’s indie-folk concert tour, featuring live performances of their hits, captivating stage presence, and unforgettable musical moments.

The Head and the Heart Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
19 July, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota from $140.00 Tickets
19 July, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota from $110.00 Tickets
20 July, 2024
West Des Moines, IA from $45.00 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Maryland Heights, Missouri from $50.00 Tickets
24 July, 2024
Lafayette, New York from $60.00 Tickets
25 July, 2024
Burlington, VT from $250.00 Tickets
25 July, 2024
Burlington, VT from $65.00 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Portland, ME from $62.88 Tickets
28 July, 2024
Albany, NY from $51.45 Tickets
29 July, 2024
Rochester, NY from $65.00 Tickets
31 July, 2024
Wilmington, NC from $76.95 Tickets
01 August, 2024
Charleston, South Carolina from $60.00 Tickets
02 August, 2024
Saint Petersburg, FL from $60.00 Tickets
03 August, 2024
Orlando, Florida from $65.00 Tickets
06 August, 2024
Birmingham, AL from $59.86 Tickets
07 August, 2024
Little Rock, Arkansas from $48.76 Tickets
08 August, 2024
Wichita, KS from $69.00 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Tulsa, OK from $74.74 Tickets
12 August, 2024
Morrison, CO from $56.00 Tickets
13 August, 2024
Morrison, CO from $85.00 Tickets
15 August, 2024
Aspen, CO from $388.49 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Bozeman, Montana from $92.00 Tickets
20 August, 2024
Moorhead, MN from $62.11 Tickets
20 September, 2024
Louisville, Kentucky from $102.22 Tickets

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What to Expect at a The Head and the Heart Tour Concert

Attending a The Head and the Heart concert is a captivating experience that combines heartfelt music, engaging performances, and a unique indie-folk vibe. Here’s what you can expect when you see them live:

  • Emotional Performances – The band is known for their emotionally charged performances, delivering each song with passion and sincerity that resonates deeply with the audience.
  • Intimate Atmosphere – Despite playing at large venues, The Head and the Heart create an intimate atmosphere, making every concert feel personal and special.
  • Acoustic Moments – Their concerts often feature acoustic sets, providing a raw and authentic experience that highlights their musical talents and vocal harmonies.
  • Fan Favorites – Expect to hear a mix of their biggest hits like “Rivers and Roads,” “Lost in My Mind,” and “All We Ever Knew,” ensuring a setlist that keeps fans singing along.
  • Engaging Stage Presence – The band members are known for their engaging stage presence, often interacting with the crowd and sharing personal stories behind their songs.
  • Visual Aesthetics – The concerts feature beautiful stage designs and lighting that complement their music, creating a visually stunning experience.
  • High-Energy Moments – While many of their songs are mellow and introspective, The Head and the Heart also bring high-energy performances that get the crowd moving.
  • Surprise Covers – The band occasionally performs surprise covers of well-known songs, adding a unique twist to their setlist and delighting the audience.
  • Community Feel – The concerts foster a sense of community among fans, with the shared experience of the music creating a strong bond between the audience and the band.
  • Memorable Encores – Their encores are often a highlight, with the band returning to the stage for powerful and unforgettable closing performances.

The Most Popular Songs of The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart have captivated fans with their soulful lyrics and harmonious melodies. Here are ten of their most popular songs that showcase their talent and emotional depth:

  1. Rivers and Roads (2011) – This heartfelt ballad from their self-titled debut album is beloved for its emotional lyrics and powerful build-up. The song has become an anthem for farewells and new beginnings, resonating deeply with listeners.
  2. Lost in My Mind (2011) – Another standout from their debut album, this track features catchy melodies and reflective lyrics. Its upbeat tempo and sing-along chorus made it a fan favorite and a staple at their live shows.
  3. All We Ever Knew (2016) – From their third album “Signs of Light,” this song topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart. Its bright, infectious rhythm and optimistic lyrics have made it a go-to feel-good track for fans.
  4. Down in the Valley (2011) – Known for its haunting melody and introspective lyrics, this song explores themes of longing and homecoming. The gradual build and emotional delivery make it a standout in their repertoire.
  5. Honeybee (2019) – Featured on their fourth album “Living Mirage,” this track combines sweet lyrics with a catchy beat. Fans love it for its romantic undertones and the nostalgic feel it evokes.
  6. Let’s Be Still (2013) – The title track from their second album, this song emphasizes the importance of slowing down and appreciating the moment. Its soothing melody and thoughtful lyrics resonate with listeners seeking tranquility.
  7. Shake (2013) – This energetic track from “Let’s Be Still” album is known for its lively beat and uplifting lyrics. It showcases the band’s ability to create infectious tunes that get audiences dancing.
  8. Library Magic (2016) – A fan favorite from “Signs of Light,” this song is appreciated for its whimsical lyrics and warm, inviting melody. It captures the essence of finding joy in the little things in life.
  9. Missed Connection (2019) – This upbeat track from “Living Mirage” reflects on the missed opportunities and connections in life. Its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics have made it a hit among fans.
  10. Another Story (2013) – This song stands out for its poignant lyrics and beautiful arrangement. It explores themes of loss and hope, making it a deeply moving piece that resonates with many listeners.

The Most Popular The Head and the Heart Video

The most popular video by The Head and the Heart is “Rivers and Roads.” This emotionally charged song’s video has garnered millions of views on YouTube, showcasing the band’s ability to connect deeply with their audience. The video features a blend of live performance footage and evocative imagery, capturing the essence of the song’s themes of longing, farewell, and the passage of time. The raw emotion displayed in the video has resonated with fans worldwide, contributing to its widespread popularity.

With over 5,8 million views, the “Rivers and Roads” video stands out as a testament to the band’s storytelling prowess and musical talent. The video’s success is also attributed to its simple yet powerful visuals, which complement the song’s heartfelt lyrics and haunting melody. Fans appreciate the authenticity and sincerity that The Head and the Heart bring to their performances, making this video a beloved favorite and a significant part of their musical legacy.

The Head and the Heart Bio & Rise to Fame

Forming a Band and Early Days

  • The Head and the Heart was formed in Seattle, Washington, in 2009. The founding members, Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell, met at an open mic event at the Conor Byrne Pub and decided to start a band. They soon brought in Charity Rose Thielen, Chris Zasche, Kenny Hensley, and Tyler Williams to complete the lineup.

Breakthrough with Debut Album

  • In 2011, the band self-released their debut self-titled album, “The Head and the Heart,” which quickly gained traction due to its heartfelt lyrics and harmonious melodies. The album’s success led to a record deal with Sub Pop, who re-released the album later that year.
  • Their debut album included hit songs like “Rivers and Roads” and “Lost in My Mind,” which resonated with a wide audience and earned them significant radio play and critical acclaim.

Touring and Building a Fanbase

  • The band embarked on extensive tours, both as headliners and as openers for well-known acts like Iron & Wine and My Morning Jacket. Their energetic live performances helped build a dedicated fanbase and increased their popularity.

Second Album and Continued Success

  • In 2013, The Head and the Heart released their second album, “Let’s Be Still,” which debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album showcased the band’s growth and included popular tracks like “Shake” and the title track “Let’s Be Still.”

Mainstream Recognition

  • Their third album, “Signs of Light,” released in 2016, marked their highest debut, reaching number 5 on the Billboard 200. The single “All We Ever Knew” topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart, further solidifying their place in the mainstream music scene.

Awards and Accolades

  • The Head and the Heart have received numerous accolades, including multiple Seattle Weekly Music Awards and Americana Music Honors & Awards nominations. Their music has been featured in various TV shows, movies, and commercials, broadening their reach and appeal.

Continued Evolution and Recent Projects

  • The band’s fourth album, “Living Mirage,” was released in 2019 and continued their trend of success with hits like “Missed Connection” and “Honeybee.” The album reflected their evolving sound and lyrical depth.
  • The Head and the Heart continue to tour and produce new music, maintaining their status as one of the leading acts in the indie-folk genre. Their dedication to their craft and connection with their fans have ensured their enduring success and influence in the music industry.

Fascinating Insights About The Head and the Heart’s Tours

The Head and the Heart’s tours are renowned for their heartfelt performances and intimate connections with fans. Here are some fascinating insights that make their concerts a must-see experience:

  1. Unique Setlists – The band often changes their setlists for each concert, ensuring that every show is a unique experience. Fans never know which deep cuts or new arrangements they might hear.
  2. Engaging Interactions – The Head and the Heart are known for their engaging stage presence. They frequently share personal stories and interact with the audience, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.
  3. Acoustic Moments – Many concerts feature acoustic interludes where band members strip down their songs to their raw elements, showcasing their vocal harmonies and musical talents in a more intimate setting.
  4. Surprise Guests – The band has been known to invite surprise guests on stage during their performances. These collaborations add an element of excitement and unpredictability to their shows.
  5. Scenic Venues – The Head and the Heart often perform at unique and scenic venues, from historic theaters to outdoor amphitheaters, enhancing the overall concert experience with beautiful backdrops.
  6. Charity Initiatives – The band is involved in various charitable initiatives and occasionally dedicates parts of their tours to raising awareness and funds for important causes, engaging their audience in meaningful ways.
  7. Festival Favorites – They are a staple at major music festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza. Their festival sets are known for high energy and are designed to captivate large crowds.
  8. Visual Aesthetics – Concerts feature visually stunning stage designs and lighting effects that complement their music and enhance the emotional impact of their performances.
  9. Memorable Encores – The band’s encores often include fan favorites and heartfelt renditions of their most popular songs, leaving a lasting impression on concertgoers.
  10. Fan Community – Their tours foster a strong sense of community among fans, with many traveling long distances to attend multiple shows. The band’s ability to create this communal atmosphere is a testament to their connection with their audience.

The Head and the Heart Ticket Buying Tips

Getting tickets to see The Head and the Heart live can be a thrilling experience. Here are some practical tips to help you secure the best seats at the best prices. Remember, is your go-to source for ticket-buying resources.

  1. Subscribe for Notifications – Sign up on to receive alerts about ticket availability and tour announcements. Being on the mailing list ensures you get the latest updates directly to your inbox.
  2. Set a Reminder – Ticket sales for popular bands like The Head and the Heart can sell out quickly. Mark the ticket release date on your calendar and set a reminder to log on early and secure your tickets.
  3. Check Pre-Sale Options – Look out for pre-sale opportunities, which are often available to fan club members, credit card holders, or through special promotions. These pre-sales give you early access to tickets before the general public.
  4. Compare Prices – Use to compare ticket prices from different vendors. This way, you can find the best deals and ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.
  5. Consider VIP Packages – For a more exclusive experience, check out VIP packages. These often include perks like early entry, exclusive merchandise, and even meet-and-greet opportunities with the band.
  6. Use Secure Platforms – Always buy tickets from reputable sources. provides a secure platform for purchasing tickets, ensuring your transaction is safe and reliable.
  7. Be Flexible with Dates and Locations – If you’re willing to travel or attend a concert on a different date, you might find better seats or lower prices. Check nearby cities for additional show dates.
  8. Follow the Band on Social Media – Stay updated by following The Head and the Heart on their social media accounts. They often post announcements about ticket releases, special offers, and tour updates.
  9. Check for Resale Tickets – If the concert is sold out, look for resale tickets on trusted platforms. Be cautious of inflated prices and always buy from verified sellers.
  10. Double-Check Event Details – Before finalizing your purchase, double-check all event details, including date, time, and venue, to ensure you have the correct tickets for the show you want to attend.

The Head and the Heart’s Concert Testimonials

The Head and the Heart’s live performances have left lasting impressions on fans across the globe. Here are some testimonials that capture the magic of their concerts:

  • Signs of Light Tour (2016) – “The energy during their show in Seattle was incredible. The band’s interaction with the audience, especially during ‘All We Ever Knew,’ made everyone feel connected. The lighting and stage design added to the intimate and immersive experience.” – Sarah, Seattle
  • Let’s Be Still Tour (2013) – “I saw them in New York, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve attended. The acoustic performance of ‘Down in the Valley’ was breathtaking. Their ability to captivate the crowd with just their voices and instruments is unmatched.” – Michael, New York
  • Coachella Performance (2014) – “Their set at Coachella was unforgettable. The surprise guest appearance by Iron & Wine for a collaborative performance was a highlight. The visuals and pyrotechnics during ‘Lost in My Mind’ were spectacular.” – Jessica, Los Angeles
  • Living Mirage Tour (2019) – “The concert in Chicago was amazing. The band performed ‘Missed Connection’ with such enthusiasm, and the crowd’s response was electric. The stage setup with moving lights created a dynamic atmosphere.” – Daniel, Chicago
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre (2017) – “Seeing them at Red Rocks was a dream come true. The natural beauty of the venue combined with their soulful performance of ‘Rivers and Roads’ made for an unforgettable night. The acoustics were perfect.” – Emily, Denver
  • Electric Forest Festival (2015) – “Their set was a magical experience. The use of special effects and the seamless blend of their hits kept everyone dancing. Their performance of ‘Shake’ had the entire crowd moving.” – Chris, Detroit
  • Signs of Light Tour (2016) – “The intimate setting of the concert in Austin allowed for a close connection with the band. Their storytelling between songs added depth to the performance, making it a personal and memorable experience.” – Laura, Austin
  • European Tour (2018) – “I saw them in Berlin, and they were fantastic. The band’s ability to engage with an international audience was impressive. The performance of ‘Honeybee’ was a crowd favorite, with everyone singing along.” – Max, Berlin
  • Bonnaroo Music Festival (2013) – “Their performance at Bonnaroo was phenomenal. The band’s chemistry on stage was evident, and their rendition of ‘Let’s Be Still’ was deeply moving. The festival vibe made it even more special.” – Amanda, Nashville
  • Holiday Benefit Concert (2020) – “The holiday concert was filled with joy and warmth. The band played unique versions of their hits and even included a few holiday classics. The festive decorations and intimate setting made it a night to remember.” – Oliver, Boston

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