The Kid LAROI Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience The Kid LAROI’s electrifying hip-hop concert tour, featuring live performances of his chart-topping hits on stage. Don’t miss this unforgettable tour.

The Kid LAROI Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
15 July, 2024
Phoenix, Arizona from $40.00 Tickets
18 July, 2024
Los Angeles, California from $77.00 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Irving, Texas from $32.00 Tickets
22 July, 2024
Houston, Texas from $38.00 Tickets
06 September, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK from $60.83 Tickets
07 September, 2024
Austin, Texas from $64.58 Tickets

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What to Expect at a The Kid LAROI Tour Concert

Attending a The Kid LAROI concert promises an exhilarating experience filled with unforgettable performances, dynamic stage presence, and fan interaction. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • High-energy performances – The Kid LAROI delivers electrifying live renditions of his biggest hits, keeping the audience engaged and on their feet throughout the show.
  • Chart-topping hits – Expect to hear your favorite tracks, including chart-toppers like “Without You,” “Stay,” and “So Done,” performed with raw emotion and energy.
  • Interactive stage design – The concert features innovative stage setups and visuals that enhance the overall experience, creating a visually stunning backdrop for his performance.
  • Special guest appearances – The Kid LAROI often brings out surprise guest artists, adding an exciting element of unpredictability to the show.
  • Fan engagement – Known for his genuine connection with fans, The Kid LAROI interacts with the audience, creating memorable moments and a sense of community.
  • Incredible atmosphere – The combination of enthusiastic fans, vibrant lights, and booming sound systems makes for an electrifying concert atmosphere that you won’t forget.

The Most Popular Songs of The Kid LAROI

The Kid LAROI has quickly become one of the most influential artists in the music industry, captivating fans with his unique sound and relatable lyrics. Here are ten of his most popular songs that have won the hearts of many:

  1. Without You (2020) – This emotional ballad from his “F*ck Love” mixtape reached the top 10 in multiple countries, showcasing his raw vocal talent and resonating deeply with listeners.
  2. Stay (2021) – A collaboration with Justin Bieber, this infectious pop hit topped charts worldwide, blending catchy melodies with heartfelt lyrics that fans couldn’t get enough of.
  3. So Done (2020) – Combining melodic rap and introspective lyrics, “So Done” quickly became a fan favorite, highlighting The Kid LAROI’s versatility and emotional depth.
  4. Go (2020) – Featuring the late Juice WRLD, this song is a poignant tribute to friendship and loss, reaching high positions on the charts and touching many hearts.
  5. Wrong (2020) – This collaboration with Lil Mosey features a catchy beat and relatable lyrics about teenage love, making it a hit among younger audiences.
  6. Tell Me Why (2020) – A deeply personal track reflecting on loss and heartache, “Tell Me Why” resonated with fans for its honesty and raw emotion.
  7. Not Sober (2021) – Featuring Polo G and Stunna Gambino, this track from “F*ck Love 3: Over You” showcases his rap skills and storytelling ability, gaining significant popularity.
  8. Always Do (2020) – Known for its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about relationship struggles, “Always Do” quickly became a staple in his discography.
  9. Same Energy (2020) – This song highlights The Kid LAROI’s ability to blend rap with melodic elements, creating a track that’s both introspective and catchy.
  10. Without You – Miley Cyrus Remix (2021) – This remix featuring Miley Cyrus brought a fresh twist to the original, introducing it to a broader audience and further cementing its place in popular music.

The Most Popular The Kid LAROI Video

The most popular video by The Kid LAROI is “Stay,” a collaboration with Justin Bieber. Released in July 2021, the music video has amassed over 915 millions views on YouTube, showcasing the immense popularity and widespread appeal of the track. The video features The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber in various dynamic and visually captivating scenes, reflecting the song’s energetic and catchy vibe. Its success on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, where it has garnered millions of streams, highlights the song’s global impact and resonance with fans.

The video’s popularity is further evidenced by its high engagement rates, with millions of likes and comments from fans worldwide. “Stay” not only topped the charts in multiple countries but also became a viral sensation on social media platforms like TikTok, where users created countless videos using the track. The song’s catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and the star power of both artists contributed to its massive success, making it a standout hit in The Kid LAROI’s career and a defining moment in his rise to fame.

The Kid LAROI Bio & Rise to Fame

From Australian Streets to Global Stardom

  • Early Life: Born as Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard on August 17, 2003, in Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia, The Kid LAROI discovered his passion for music at a young age.
  • Musical Beginnings: LAROI began his music career by posting songs on SoundCloud, which helped him gain initial attention in the Australian music scene.
  • Breakthrough with “14 With A Dream”: His debut EP, “14 With A Dream,” released in 2018, showcased his raw talent and caught the eye of industry professionals.
  • Mentorship by Juice WRLD: LAROI gained significant exposure after being mentored by the late rapper Juice WRLD, who brought him on tour and featured him in music projects.
  • Success of “F*ck Love”: In 2020, he released his mixtape “F*ck Love,” which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, marking his arrival on the international stage.
  • Hit Single “Stay”: The 2021 collaboration with Justin Bieber on the song “Stay” became a global hit, topping charts in multiple countries and solidifying his status as a major artist.
  • Awards and Recognition: LAROI has received numerous awards, including ARIA Awards and nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.
  • Collaborations with Major Artists: He has collaborated with several big names in the music industry, including Miley Cyrus, Lil Tecca, and Marshmello, further enhancing his reputation.
  • Impact on Pop and Hip-Hop: Known for his unique blend of pop and hip-hop, The Kid LAROI has become a voice of his generation, resonating with a global audience.
  • Future Prospects: With a rapidly growing fan base and consistent release of hit tracks, The Kid LAROI continues to rise in the music industry, promising an exciting future ahead.

The Kid LAROI Ticket Buying Tips

Looking to secure tickets for The Kid LAROI’s upcoming tour? Follow these helpful tips to ensure you get the best seats at the best prices. Remember, is your go-to source for ticket-buying resources.

  1. Subscribe for Updates: Subscribe to The Kid LAROI’s artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability and other news. This will give you a head start on securing tickets.
  2. Set a Reminder: Mark the ticket sale date on your calendar and set a reminder. Ticket sales often begin at specific times, and being punctual can help you get the best seats.
  3. Use Presale Codes: Look out for presale opportunities. Often, presale codes are available through fan clubs, credit card companies, or concert promoters. These codes can give you early access to tickets before the general public.
  4. Compare Prices: Check multiple ticket vendors, including, to compare prices and seating options. Sometimes prices can vary significantly between different sellers.
  5. Buy Early: Ticket prices tend to increase as the concert date approaches. Buying early can save you money and ensure you get the best available seats.
  6. Check for Package Deals: Look for VIP or special ticket packages that might include exclusive merchandise, early entry, or meet-and-greet opportunities with The Kid LAROI.
  7. Use Reliable Sources: Ensure you purchase tickets from reliable sources like to avoid scams and ensure your tickets are legitimate.
  8. Be Flexible: If you’re open to different seating options, you might find cheaper tickets. Sometimes, seats with a slightly obstructed view or further from the stage can be more affordable.
  9. Stay Informed: Follow The Kid LAROI and on social media to stay updated on any last-minute ticket releases or additional tour dates.
  10. Consider Resale Tickets: If tickets are sold out, check reputable resale platforms for available tickets. Be cautious and ensure the resale site is trustworthy to avoid counterfeit tickets.
  11. The Kid LAROI’s Concert Testimonials

    Fans have shared their incredible experiences at The Kid LAROI’s concerts. From stunning performances to unforgettable moments, here’s what they had to say:

    • Live in Sydney (2022) – The energy at The Kid LAROI’s concert in Sydney was electric. He performed all his hits, and the audience sang along to every word. The stage design was futuristic, with mesmerizing light displays. Sarah, Sydney
    • Summer Tour (2021) – During the summer tour, The Kid LAROI brought out surprise guest artist Justin Bieber for their hit song “Stay.” The crowd went wild, and the pyrotechnics added to the excitement. Michael, Los Angeles
    • European Tour (2022) – The European tour was a massive success, with sold-out shows in multiple cities. The Kid LAROI’s interaction with the audience was heartfelt, making fans feel truly appreciated. Emma, Berlin
    • Rolling Loud Festival (2021) – At Rolling Loud, The Kid LAROI delivered a high-energy performance that left the crowd wanting more. His live rendition of “Without You” was a standout moment. Josh, Miami
    • North American Tour (2022) – The North American tour featured stunning visuals and a dynamic stage presence. Fans loved the mix of old favorites and new tracks. Laura, New York
    • UK Tour (2021) – The UK tour was filled with unforgettable moments. The Kid LAROI’s emotional performance of “So Done” resonated deeply with the audience. Oliver, London
    • Festival Performance (2022) – At the music festival, The Kid LAROI’s set was a highlight. The special effects and stage design created an immersive experience. Amanda, Chicago
    • Live in Melbourne (2021) – The Melbourne concert was a blast, with The Kid LAROI delivering a flawless performance. The intimate venue allowed for a close connection with fans. James, Melbourne
    • Asia Tour (2022) – The Asia tour showcased The Kid LAROI’s versatility and talent. The elaborate stage setup and pyrotechnics made for a spectacular show. Sophie, Tokyo
    • Coachella (2021) – At Coachella, The Kid LAROI’s performance was nothing short of amazing. The energy, visuals, and crowd interaction made it a memorable experience. Ethan, Indio

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