Young the Giant Tour Tickets | 2024

Young the Giant

Experience Young the Giant live in concert, performing their biggest hits on tour. Enjoy an unforgettable stage performance filled with energetic, indie rock music.

Young the Giant Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
03 August, 2024
Raleigh, North Carolina from $20.98 Tickets
07 August, 2024
Noblesville, Indiana from $23.46 Tickets
08 August, 2024
Madison, WI from $64.26 Tickets
12 August, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota from $28.56 Tickets
16 August, 2024
Grand Rapids, MI from $35.70 Tickets
18 August, 2024
Saratoga Springs, New York from $24.94 Tickets
21 August, 2024
Gilford, NH from $26.49 Tickets
24 August, 2024
Holmdel, NJ from $34.00 Tickets
29 August, 2024
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania from $25.00 Tickets
30 August, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio from $47.17 Tickets
05 September, 2024
New York, New York from $53.00 Tickets
06 September, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from $65.00 Tickets
07 September, 2024
Lewiston, New York from $132.60 Tickets
09 September, 2024
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio from $25.00 Tickets
10 September, 2024
Clarkston, MI from $35.70 Tickets
21 September, 2024
Louisville, Kentucky from $309.06 Tickets
27 September, 2024
Ocean City, Maryland from $405.43 Tickets
28 September, 2024
Ocean City, Maryland from $199.00 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Young the Giant Tour Concert

Attending a Young the Giant concert promises an electrifying experience filled with dynamic performances and unforgettable moments. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Energetic Stage Presence: Young the Giant is known for their high-energy performances that keep the audience engaged and moving throughout the show.
  • Hit Songs: Expect to hear their most popular hits like “Cough Syrup,” “Mind Over Matter,” and “My Body,” delivered with passion and precision.
  • Impressive Vocals: Lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s powerful and unique voice is a highlight, capturing the emotion and depth of each song.
  • Visuals and Lighting: The concert features stunning visuals and lighting effects that enhance the overall atmosphere, creating a captivating experience.
  • Fan Interaction: The band often interacts with the crowd, making you feel like a part of the performance and creating memorable moments.
  • Live Instrumentals: Enjoy the live renditions of their songs with exceptional instrumental performances from the band members, showcasing their musical talents.
  • New Material: Be on the lookout for new songs and exclusive live versions of their tracks, giving you a sneak peek into their upcoming projects.
  • Opening Acts: Young the Giant often brings along talented opening acts, providing a full evening of excellent music and entertainment.
  • Merchandise: Don’t miss the chance to grab exclusive tour merchandise, including shirts, posters, and other memorabilia to commemorate your concert experience.
  • Community Vibe: Experience the sense of community among fans, making the concert a shared, joyous occasion for everyone present.

The Most Popular Songs of Young the Giant

Young the Giant has captivated audiences with their unique blend of indie rock and alternative sounds. Here are ten of their most popular songs, loved by fans for their distinct melodies and powerful lyrics:

  1. Cough Syrup (2010) – This breakout hit from their debut album became an anthem for many, reaching the top of alternative charts and showcasing their signature sound. Fans love its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.
  2. My Body (2010) – Known for its energetic rhythm and powerful vocals, this song became a favorite at concerts, embodying the band’s vibrant live performances. It charted high on the US Alternative Songs chart.
  3. Mind Over Matter (2014) – The title track from their second album, this song features introspective lyrics and an anthemic chorus, resonating deeply with listeners. It solidified their place in the indie rock genre.
  4. Apartment (2011) – This track’s mellow vibe and reflective lyrics have made it a fan favorite. Its narrative about young love and self-discovery strikes a chord with many listeners.
  5. It’s About Time (2013) – With its bold guitar riffs and dynamic energy, this song quickly climbed the charts. Fans appreciate its raw intensity and the band’s innovative approach to their sound.
  6. Silvertongue (2016) – A standout track from their third album, “Home of the Strange,” this song features a funky groove and memorable chorus. It’s a celebration of individuality and confidence.
  7. Something to Believe In (2016) – This empowering anthem blends indie rock with a hint of pop, delivering a message of hope and determination that resonates with audiences worldwide.
  8. Superposition (2018) – Known for its ethereal sound and contemplative lyrics, this song explores themes of love and existence, captivating fans with its dreamy atmosphere and profound message.
  9. Heat of the Summer (2018) – This upbeat track captures the carefree spirit of summer, with infectious melodies and vibrant instrumentals that make it a favorite for live performances.
  10. Amerika (2016) – Addressing themes of identity and belonging, this song combines thoughtful lyrics with a powerful musical arrangement. It’s praised for its depth and the band’s bold commentary on societal issues.

The Most Popular Young the Giant Video

The most popular video by Young the Giant is “Cough Syrup,” which has garnered millions of views on YouTube. This iconic song from their debut album captures the essence of their sound with its catchy melody and introspective lyrics. The video itself is visually captivating, featuring a blend of performance shots and abstract imagery that complements the song’s mood. The popularity of this video has solidified “Cough Syrup” as a fan favorite and a defining track in the band’s discography.

With over 42 million views, “Cough Syrup” continues to be a go-to song for fans of Young the Giant. Its success is a testament to the band’s ability to connect with listeners on a deep, emotional level. The video’s high engagement and positive comments reflect the impact it has had on fans, making it a staple in their live performances. The widespread popularity of “Cough Syrup” has played a significant role in propelling Young the Giant to international fame.

Young the Giant Bio & Rise to Fame

Subtitle: The Journey of Young the Giant to Stardom

  • Formation and Early Days (2004-2009) – Young the Giant was formed in Irvine, California, originally under the name The Jakes. The band consisted of Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payam Doostzadeh, and François Comtois. They gained local popularity through energetic performances and unique sound.
  • Debut Album and Breakthrough (2010-2011) – In 2010, the band rebranded as Young the Giant and released their self-titled debut album. The album included hit singles like “My Body” and “Cough Syrup,” which received heavy radio play and critical acclaim.
  • Touring and Growing Popularity (2011-2013) – Following the success of their debut album, Young the Giant embarked on extensive tours, both domestically and internationally. Their energetic live performances and engaging stage presence helped them build a strong fanbase.
  • Second Album and Continued Success (2014-2015) – The release of their second album, “Mind Over Matter,” in 2014, marked another significant milestone. The album debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart, showcasing their evolving sound and musical maturity.
  • Critical Acclaim and Awards – Over the years, Young the Giant has received numerous accolades and nominations. Their music has been praised for its lyrical depth and innovative arrangements, earning them a spot among the top modern rock bands.
  • Subsequent Albums and Sustained Popularity (2016-present) – The band continued to release successful albums, including “Home of the Strange” (2016) and “Mirror Master” (2018). Each album further cemented their status in the indie rock scene, with hits like “Something to Believe In” and “Superposition.”
  • Impact on the Music Industry – Young the Giant’s rise to fame has influenced many emerging artists. Their unique blend of indie rock and thoughtful lyrics has set a new standard in the genre, inspiring fans and musicians alike.

Fascinating Insights About Young the Giant’s Tours

Young the Giant’s tours are renowned for their vibrant energy and captivating performances. Here are some intriguing facts that will make you want to experience their concert live:

  1. Unique Setlists (2011-Present) – Young the Giant is known for creating unique setlists for each performance, ensuring that no two shows are the same. This keeps fans coming back for more, eager to hear different song arrangements and rare tracks.
  2. Interactive Performances (2013) – During their 2013 tour, the band introduced interactive elements, inviting fans to suggest songs and participate in live Q&A sessions, making their concerts a more immersive experience.
  3. Stunning Visuals (2016 Tour) – The “Home of the Strange” tour featured stunning visual displays, including intricate light shows and captivating stage designs, enhancing the overall concert experience.
  4. Intimate Acoustic Sets (2014) – In addition to their high-energy performances, Young the Giant occasionally performs intimate acoustic sets, offering fans a more personal and stripped-down version of their favorite songs.
  5. Surprise Guests (2017) – The band has a history of bringing surprise guest artists on stage, including collaborations with other popular indie bands, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to their shows.
  6. Environmental Consciousness (2018) – During their “Mirror Master” tour, Young the Giant took steps to reduce their environmental footprint by using eco-friendly merchandise and encouraging fans to participate in local environmental initiatives.
  7. Global Reach (2019) – The band’s tours have taken them to countries around the world, from the United States to Europe and Asia, showcasing their global appeal and diverse fanbase.
  8. Fan Engagement (2020) – Young the Giant places a strong emphasis on fan engagement, often interacting with the audience during performances and through social media, creating a loyal and connected fan community.
  9. Charity Initiatives (2021) – The band has used their tours to support various charitable causes, donating a portion of ticket sales to organizations focused on mental health, education, and environmental conservation.
  10. Innovative Venues (2022) – Known for performing in unique and unconventional venues, Young the Giant has played in locations ranging from historic theaters to outdoor festivals, providing fans with memorable concert experiences.
  11. Young the Giant Ticket Buying Tips

    Buying tickets for a Young the Giant concert can be an exciting yet challenging task. Here are some helpful tips to secure your spot and enjoy the show:

    1. Plan Ahead – Keep an eye on concert announcements and tour dates. Planning ahead gives you a better chance of getting tickets before they sell out.
    2. Sign Up for Alerts – Subscribe to the Young the Giant artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability and other news directly to your inbox.
    3. Use Presale Codes – Many concerts offer presale codes for early access to tickets. Follow Young the Giant on social media or join their fan club to get these codes.
    4. Check Multiple Sources – Besides, compare prices and availability on other reliable ticket platforms to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
    5. Be Ready When Tickets Go on Sale – Tickets often sell out quickly. Be online and ready to purchase as soon as tickets become available to increase your chances of getting good seats.
    6. Consider VIP Packages – For a more exclusive experience, look into VIP packages that may include perks like early entry, meet-and-greets, and special merchandise.
    7. Look for Resale Options – If tickets sell out, check for verified resale options on These can be a safe way to buy tickets from other fans.
    8. Be Cautious of Scams – Always purchase tickets from reputable sources. Avoid buying from third-party sellers that are not verified, as this can lead to scams and counterfeit tickets.
    9. Use Secure Payment Methods – Ensure that the payment method you use is secure and offers buyer protection in case of any issues with your ticket purchase.
    10. Stay Informed – Follow Young the Giant and on social media for the latest updates on tour dates, ticket releases, and other important information.
    11. Young the Giant’s Concert Testimonials

      Fans of Young the Giant have shared their unforgettable experiences from various concerts and tours. Here are some of the most memorable moments:

      • Home of the Strange Tour (2016) – “The energy was electric, and the band’s performance was flawless. The stage design, featuring a giant illuminated globe, was mesmerizing. The highlight was when they performed ‘Something to Believe In’ with a surprise guest appearance by Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums.” – Sarah, Los Angeles
      • Mirror Master Tour (2019) – “The pyrotechnics during ‘Superposition’ were out of this world! The band engaged with the audience throughout the night, making everyone feel like part of the show. An unforgettable night!” – Alex, Chicago
      • Mind Over Matter Tour (2014) – “Seeing Young the Giant live for the first time was incredible. The setlist was perfect, blending old hits and new tracks seamlessly. The laser light show during ‘Cough Syrup’ was a visual feast.” – Emily, New York
      • In the Open Tour (2013) – “The acoustic versions of their songs were breathtaking. The intimate setting allowed for a deeper connection between the band and the audience. The surprise performance of ‘Islands’ was a standout moment.” – Mike, San Francisco
      • Sameer Gadhia Solo Performance (2018) – “An unexpected treat was Sameer’s solo rendition of ‘Apartment.’ His raw, emotional delivery left the audience in awe. A truly magical experience.” – Katie, Seattle
      • Summer Festival Tour (2017) – “Their performance at Lollapalooza was legendary. The crowd was massive, and everyone sang along to ‘Silvertongue.’ The festival atmosphere amplified the excitement.” – James, Austin
      • Live from the Artists Den (2015) – “An intimate concert filmed for the Artists Den series. The setting was beautiful, and the band’s performance of ‘Mind Over Matter’ was particularly powerful. A unique experience.” – Laura, Nashville
      • Outdoor Amphitheater Tour (2021) – “The outdoor venue added a special touch to the concert. The sound was amazing, and the sunset backdrop during ‘My Body’ created a perfect ending to the night.” – Daniel, Denver
      • Acoustic Sessions Tour (2020) – “Their stripped-down acoustic set showcased their musical talent and versatility. The audience was captivated by the raw, unfiltered versions of their favorite songs.” – Olivia, Boston
      • Festival Circuit (2019) – “Catching them at multiple festivals that year, each performance was unique and full of energy. The way they adapted their setlist to each event was impressive.” – Hannah, Miami

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