America Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience the iconic rock band America on their concert tour, delivering unforgettable live performances of their classic hits on stage.

America Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
14 July, 2024
Hampton, NH from $31.00 Tickets
18 July, 2024
Minneapolis, MN from $81.60 Tickets
18 July, 2024
Englewood, Colorado from $104.00 Tickets
19 July, 2024
Chicago, IL from $71.40 Tickets
19 July, 2024
San Francisco, CA from $53.90 Tickets
20 July, 2024
Toledo, Ohio from $43.42 Tickets
21 July, 2024
San Francisco, California from $54.59 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Warm Springs, Oregon from $68.00 Tickets
28 July, 2024
Falls Village, Connecticut from $28.00 Tickets
28 July, 2024
Milwaukee, Wisconsin from $39.00 Tickets
02 August, 2024
Roanoke, Virginia from $85.14 Tickets
03 August, 2024
Atlantic City, NJ from $50.00 Tickets
05 August, 2024
Wakefield, Rhode Island from $69.00 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Nashville, TN from $115.00 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Tulsa, OK from $29.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Atlanta, GA from $88.00 Tickets
14 August, 2024
Dallas, Texas from $83.00 Tickets
15 August, 2024
Orlando, FL from $31.98 Tickets
16 August, 2024
Omaha, NE from $107.00 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana from $36.35 Tickets
17 August, 2024
Denver, Colorado from $99.37 Tickets
23 August, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada from $40.00 Tickets
24 August, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota from $22.96 Tickets
25 August, 2024
Atlanta, GA from $75.96 Tickets
25 August, 2024
Prescott Valley, Arizona from $89.00 Tickets
29 August, 2024
Denver, Colorado from $77.00 Tickets
29 August, 2024
New York, New York from $22.41 Tickets
30 August, 2024
Wilmington, NC from $27.78 Tickets
31 August, 2024
Charlotte, NC from $35.56 Tickets
31 August, 2024
Austin, Texas from $82.19 Tickets

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What to Expect at an America Tour Concert

Attending an America tour concert is a nostalgic and exhilarating experience, filled with timeless hits and captivating performances. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Classic Hits: Enjoy live renditions of America’s greatest hits like “A Horse with No Name,” “Sister Golden Hair,” and “Ventura Highway.” These timeless songs will have you singing along from start to finish.
  • Outstanding Musicianship: America’s live performances showcase their exceptional musical talents, with tight harmonies and impressive instrumental skills that bring their studio recordings to life on stage.
  • Engaging Stage Presence: The band’s charismatic stage presence and genuine interaction with the audience create an engaging and intimate concert experience.
  • Nostalgic Atmosphere: The concert’s nostalgic atmosphere transports you back to the ’70s, evoking memories and emotions associated with America’s iconic music.
  • Visual and Audio Experience: Expect a high-quality visual and audio experience, with professional lighting and sound systems that enhance the overall performance and create a captivating atmosphere.
  • Audience Participation: America often invites audience participation, encouraging fans to sing along and share in the joy of their music, making each concert a communal and memorable event.
  • Surprise Elements: The band occasionally includes surprise elements, such as special guest appearances or unique song arrangements, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show.
  • Emotional Moments: With heartfelt ballads and reflective lyrics, America’s concerts are filled with emotional moments that resonate deeply with fans, creating a powerful connection between the band and the audience.
  • Memorable Encores: Fans can look forward to thrilling encores where America often saves some of their biggest hits for last, ensuring the concert ends on a high note and leaving a lasting impression.

The Most Popular Songs of America

America, the iconic rock band, has created numerous memorable songs that have resonated with fans over the decades. Here are ten of their most popular tracks, loved for their timeless appeal and melodic brilliance:

  1. A Horse with No Name (1971) – This debut single became an instant classic, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its mysterious lyrics and distinctive acoustic guitar riff have made it a favorite among fans and a defining song for the band.
  2. Ventura Highway (1972) – Featuring a catchy guitar melody and evocative lyrics, this song from their album “Homecoming” reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Fans love its laid-back, summery vibe that perfectly captures the essence of 1970s rock.
  3. Sister Golden Hair (1975) – This hit from the album “Hearts” topped the Billboard Hot 100. Its blend of rock and folk, combined with harmonious vocals and relatable lyrics about love and commitment, makes it a perennial favorite.
  4. I Need You (1972) – A tender ballad from their debut album, this song reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody continue to resonate with listeners, showcasing America’s softer side.
  5. Lonely People (1974) – From the album “Holiday,” this song features uplifting lyrics and a catchy melody. It reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is loved for its optimistic message and sing-along quality.
  6. Tin Man (1974) – Another hit from “Holiday,” this song reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its whimsical lyrics, inspired by “The Wizard of Oz,” and smooth, jazzy rhythm make it a standout track in America’s catalog.
  7. Daisy Jane (1975) – A beautiful ballad from the album “Hearts,” this song reached number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. Fans appreciate its gentle melody and poignant lyrics, making it a favorite for romantic occasions.
  8. Don’t Cross the River (1973) – From the album “Homecoming,” this song features a lively banjo and reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its country-rock feel and catchy chorus have made it a fan favorite over the years.
  9. Only in Your Heart (1972) – This track from “Homecoming” showcases the band’s harmonies and melodic songwriting. Although not as commercially successful as some of their other hits, it remains a beloved song among dedicated fans for its heartfelt lyrics.
  10. You Can Do Magic (1982) – Marking a comeback for the band, this song from the album “View from the Ground” reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its catchy melody and optimistic lyrics about love and perseverance resonate with fans, making it a staple at their concerts.

The Most Popular America Video

The most popular video by America is “You Can Do Magic,” which has garnered millions of views on YouTube. This video highlights the band’s remarkable ability to blend catchy melodies with enchanting lyrics, creating a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences. The video features live performances and nostalgic footage, showcasing the band’s charisma and musical prowess. Fans are drawn to the song’s upbeat rhythm and positive message, making it a favorite across generations.

Released in 1982, “You Can Do Magic” marked a significant comeback for America, reaching number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video’s enduring popularity is a testament to the song’s universal appeal and the band’s lasting impact on the rock music scene. Viewers continue to revisit the video, drawn by its nostalgic charm and the band’s dynamic performance. The song’s success on digital platforms underscores America’s ability to connect with audiences and maintain their relevance in the music industry.

America Bio & Rise to Fame

  • Formation and Early Years: America was formed in 1970 in London by Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley, and Dan Peek, all sons of U.S. Air Force personnel stationed in the UK. Their shared love for music and the influence of British rock bands inspired them to start their own group.
  • Debut Album Success: In 1971, America released their self-titled debut album, which included the hit single “A Horse with No Name.” The song quickly climbed the charts, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and catapulted the band to fame.
  • Follow-Up Hits: Following the success of their debut album, America continued to produce hit songs such as “Ventura Highway,” “I Need You,” and “Don’t Cross the River.” Their melodic rock sound and harmonious vocals resonated with a wide audience, solidifying their place in the music industry.
  • Grammy Award: In 1972, America won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, further establishing their reputation as a leading band in the rock genre. This accolade marked a significant milestone in their career.
  • Album Successes: Throughout the 1970s, America released a series of successful albums, including “Homecoming” (1972), “Hat Trick” (1973), “Holiday” (1974), and “Hearts” (1975). These albums produced numerous hit singles and showcased the band’s evolving sound.
  • Continued Popularity: Despite lineup changes, with Dan Peek leaving the band in 1977, America continued to enjoy commercial success. Their 1982 album “View from the Ground” featured the hit single “You Can Do Magic,” which reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Enduring Legacy: America’s music has stood the test of time, with their songs continuing to receive airplay on classic rock stations and their albums being reissued on various formats. Their influence on the rock genre is evident, and their legacy endures through new generations of fans.
  • Recent Activities: The band continues to tour and perform live, bringing their timeless hits to audiences around the world. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to connect with fans have kept them relevant in the ever-changing music landscape.
  • Recognition and Awards: Over the years, America has received numerous accolades and honors, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. Their contributions to music have been widely recognized and celebrated.

Fascinating Insights About America’s Tours

America’s tours are renowned for their captivating performances, musical excellence, and unforgettable experiences. Here are some intriguing facts that make their concerts a must-see event:

  1. Long-Standing Tradition: America has been touring consistently since the 1970s, maintaining their status as one of the most enduring rock bands. Their dedication to live performances has allowed them to build a loyal fan base worldwide.
  2. Iconic Venues: The band has performed at some of the most prestigious venues, including the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden, and the Royal Albert Hall. These iconic settings add to the grandeur and appeal of their concerts.
  3. Acoustic Excellence: Known for their acoustic sound, America’s live performances showcase their exceptional musicianship and harmonious vocals. The acoustic arrangements of their classic hits provide a unique and intimate concert experience.
  4. Engaging Setlists: America’s setlists feature a blend of their greatest hits and deeper cuts, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging performance. Fans can expect to hear timeless classics like “A Horse with No Name,” “Ventura Highway,” and “Sister Golden Hair.”
  5. Audience Interaction: The band members are known for their warm interaction with the audience, often sharing stories behind their songs and engaging with fans throughout the concert. This personal touch enhances the concert experience and creates a memorable connection.
  6. Special Guests: Over the years, America has shared the stage with various notable artists, leading to surprise collaborations and unique performances. These guest appearances add an element of excitement and unpredictability to their shows.
  7. Visual and Audio Experience: America’s concerts are known for their high-quality visual and audio production. Professional lighting and sound systems ensure that every detail of their music is heard and seen clearly, creating an immersive experience for the audience.
  8. Nostalgic Atmosphere: The band’s ability to evoke nostalgia through their music and performance style makes their concerts a trip down memory lane for many fans. The timeless quality of their songs resonates deeply with audiences of all ages.
  9. Enduring Popularity: Despite changes in the music industry, America’s tours continue to attract large audiences. Their ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to their signature sound has kept them relevant and beloved by fans.
  10. Global Reach: America has toured extensively across the globe, bringing their music to fans in various countries. Their international tours have helped them build a diverse and devoted fan base, showcasing their universal appeal.

America Ticket Buying Tips

Securing tickets to see America live can be an exciting yet competitive process. Here are some tips to help you get the best seats and make the most of your concert experience:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on America’s official website and social media channels for announcements on tour dates and ticket sales. Being informed early gives you an advantage in securing tickets.
  2. Subscribe for Notifications: Subscribe to the America artist page on to receive notifications about ticket availability, pre-sales, and exclusive offers. This ensures you don’t miss out on important updates.
  3. Utilize Pre-Sales: Take advantage of pre-sale opportunities often offered through fan clubs, credit card promotions, or newsletters. Pre-sales can give you access to the best seats before they are available to the general public.
  4. Compare Prices: Before purchasing, compare ticket prices across different platforms. is a reliable source for finding affordable and secure ticket options, so be sure to check their listings.
  5. Be Ready at On-Sale Time: When tickets go on sale to the general public, be prepared to purchase them immediately. Log in to your account early, and have your payment information ready to avoid any delays.
  6. Consider Different Seating Options: Sometimes the best concert experience can be found in less obvious seating areas. Be flexible with your seating preferences to find the best deal that fits your budget.
  7. Check for Resale Options: If tickets sell out quickly, look for official resale options through to ensure you’re buying from a legitimate source without paying inflated prices.
  8. Follow America on Social Media: Artists often announce last-minute ticket releases or special offers on their social media pages. Following America can help you stay updated on these opportunities.

America’s Concert Testimonials

Fans who have attended America’s concerts rave about the timeless music, exceptional performances, and memorable experiences. Here are some testimonials highlighting the magic of their live shows:

  • World Tour (2018) – America’s World Tour in 2018 was a fantastic experience. The band played all their classic hits, and the acoustic rendition of “A Horse with No Name” was a standout moment. The interaction with the audience was warm and engaging, making it a night to remember. – Emily, Los Angeles
  • 40th Anniversary Tour (2010) – The 40th Anniversary Tour was a celebration of America’s enduring legacy. The band performed at iconic venues, and their harmonies were as tight as ever. The surprise guest appearance by former band member Dan Peek added a special touch to the show. – Mark, Chicago
  • Summer Concert Series (2015) – The Summer Concert Series was an outdoor extravaganza, with the band performing under the stars. The visual effects and stage lighting were stunning, creating a magical atmosphere. The crowd’s energy was electric, especially during “Sister Golden Hair.” – Sarah, New York
  • Live at Royal Albert Hall (2017) – Performing at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, America delivered an unforgettable concert. The acoustic excellence of the venue highlighted their musical prowess. Their heartfelt performance of “Ventura Highway” brought the house down. – John, London
  • Greatest Hits Tour (2019) – The Greatest Hits Tour was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The band’s performance of “You Can Do Magic” was particularly memorable, with an elaborate light show that captivated the audience. Their personal anecdotes and stories added a unique touch. – Lisa, San Francisco
  • Benefit Concert (2016) – The Benefit Concert was a blend of great music and a good cause. America’s performance was heartfelt and uplifting. The addition of a local children’s choir during “Lonely People” was a touching and memorable moment. – David, Boston
  • Acoustic Nights Tour (2021) – The Acoustic Nights Tour showcased America’s talent in an intimate setting. The stripped-down versions of their hits, like “Daisy Jane,” highlighted their vocal harmonies and instrumental skills. The close interaction with the audience made it an unforgettable experience. – Jessica, Seattle
  • Festival Performance (2013) – America’s performance at the festival was a highlight of the event. The band’s energy was infectious, and the crowd was singing along to every song. The pyrotechnics during the finale added an exciting visual element. – Kevin, Austin
  • Holiday Special (2020) – The Holiday Special concert was a festive and joyful event. America played their classic hits alongside holiday favorites, creating a warm and celebratory atmosphere. The virtual interaction with fans made it a unique experience. – Rachel, Miami
  • International Tour (2022) – The International Tour brought America’s music to a global audience. Their concert in Berlin was a standout, with a mix of their greatest hits and newer material. The band’s connection with the audience, despite the language barrier, was remarkable. – Michael, Berlin

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