AWOLNATION Tour Tickets | 2024


Experience AWOLNATION, the alternative rock sensation, live on their concert tour, performing their biggest hits on stage in an electrifying live performance.

AWOLNATION Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
20 July, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio from $95.12 Tickets
21 July, 2024
Chicago, Illinois from $75.00 Tickets
23 July, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana from $20.00 Tickets
24 July, 2024
Huber Heights, OH from $49.00 Tickets
26 July, 2024
Interlochen, Michigan from $30.48 Tickets
27 July, 2024
Sterling Heights, Michigan from $29.00 Tickets
28 July, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio from $33.00 Tickets
02 August, 2024
Scranton, PA from $20.00 Tickets
03 August, 2024
Bridgeport, CT from $12.00 Tickets
04 August, 2024
Columbia, Maryland from $61.50 Tickets
06 August, 2024
Gilford, NH from $9.18 Tickets
07 August, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts from $24.45 Tickets
09 August, 2024
Manteo, NC from $93.00 Tickets
10 August, 2024
Raleigh, North Carolina from $22.00 Tickets
11 August, 2024
Charlotte, North Carolina from $24.95 Tickets
13 August, 2024
North Charleston, South Carolina from $35.79 Tickets
14 August, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia from $89.38 Tickets
15 August, 2024
Albertville, Alabama from $56.64 Tickets
17 August, 2024
St. Augustine, Florida from $71.49 Tickets
18 August, 2024
Tampa, FL from $107.19 Tickets
20 August, 2024
Houston, Texas from $26.00 Tickets
21 August, 2024
Austin, Texas from $26.41 Tickets
25 August, 2024
San Diego, California from $39.60 Tickets
27 August, 2024
Costa Mesa, California from $44.00 Tickets
29 August, 2024
Bend, Oregon from $25.10 Tickets
30 August, 2024
Troutdale, Oregon from $56.19 Tickets
31 August, 2024
Redmond, Washington from $61.29 Tickets

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What to Expect at a AWOLNATION Tour Concert

Attending an AWOLNATION concert is an electrifying experience filled with high-energy performances and unforgettable moments. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Explosive Energy – AWOLNATION is known for their high-octane performances that keep the crowd energized from start to finish. Expect to be on your feet, dancing and singing along.
  • Iconic Hits – Enjoy live renditions of their biggest hits like “Sail,” “Run,” and “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).” These fan favorites will have you singing at the top of your lungs.
  • Innovative Stage Design – The stage setups for AWOLNATION concerts are visually stunning, featuring creative lighting, dynamic visuals, and impressive effects that enhance the overall experience.
  • Engaging Performances – Lead singer Aaron Bruno’s charismatic stage presence and interaction with the audience make every show feel personal and engaging, creating a strong connection with fans.
  • Live Band Dynamics – The band’s tight-knit performances and musical chemistry are evident on stage, delivering powerful live versions of their songs that often surpass the studio recordings.
  • Surprise Elements – AWOLNATION concerts often include unexpected surprises, whether it’s a unique cover song, special guest appearance, or an extended jam session, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  • Diverse Setlists – Each concert offers a varied setlist that includes a mix of their well-known hits, deep cuts, and new material, ensuring a fresh experience for both new and longtime fans.
  • Atmospheric Moments – Alongside their high-energy tracks, AWOLNATION also delivers more atmospheric and introspective moments that showcase their musical versatility and depth.
  • Fan Interaction – The band makes a point to connect with the audience throughout the show, making each concert feel like a communal celebration of their music.
  • Memorable Encores – The concerts typically end with memorable encores that leave the audience wanting more, creating a lasting impression and an unforgettable concert experience.

The Most Popular Songs of AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION has produced numerous hits that have captivated audiences with their unique blend of rock, electronic, and indie influences. Here are ten of their most popular songs that fans love:

  1. Sail (2010) – This breakout hit from the album “Megalithic Symphony” reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its dark, atmospheric sound and haunting lyrics have made it a fan favorite and a staple in their live performances.
  2. Run (2015) – The title track from their second album, “Run,” showcases AWOLNATION’s dynamic range and intense energy. Its powerful beat and anthemic chorus resonate deeply with fans, making it a concert highlight.
  3. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) (2015) – Also from the “Run” album, this song reached number 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Fans love its driving rhythm and the raw, emotional intensity of Aaron Bruno’s vocals.
  4. I Am (2015) – Another hit from “Run,” this track features a soaring chorus and uplifting lyrics. It became an anthem of self-empowerment and has been widely embraced by fans for its inspirational message.
  5. Not Your Fault (2011) – From “Megalithic Symphony,” this song combines catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. Its infectious energy and relatable themes have made it a favorite among fans.
  6. Kill Your Heroes (2012) – This track from “Megalithic Symphony” offers a rebellious message set to a high-energy beat. It has become a live show staple due to its rousing chorus and engaging lyrics.
  7. Woman Woman (2016) – A standout track from “Run,” this song’s funky bassline and groovy rhythm make it a danceable hit. Its celebration of femininity and strength has resonated with many listeners.
  8. Handyman (2018) – From the album “Here Come the Runts,” this song showcases a softer, more introspective side of AWOLNATION. Its heartfelt lyrics and acoustic arrangement have made it a touching favorite.
  9. Burn It Down (2010) – Another track from “Megalithic Symphony,” this song’s aggressive energy and raw lyrics make it a powerful anthem that fans love to hear live.
  10. Here Come the Runts (2018) – The title track from their third album features a blend of rock and folk influences. Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus have made it a popular song for fans to sing along to at concerts.

The Most Popular AWOLNATION Video

The most popular AWOLNATION music video is for their breakout hit “Sail,” released in 2010. The video has garnered over 390 million views on YouTube, making it their most-watched video by a significant margin. Directed by Elijah Alvarado, the “Sail” video features a mix of surreal and dramatic imagery that perfectly complements the song’s dark and haunting atmosphere. The video’s unique visuals and storytelling have captivated audiences, contributing to its massive popularity.

Fans love the “Sail” video for its intense and thought-provoking content. The combination of Aaron Bruno’s powerful performance and the video’s compelling narrative creates an unforgettable viewing experience. Its success has solidified “Sail” as a defining track for AWOLNATION, showcasing their ability to blend music and visual art in a way that resonates deeply with listeners.

AWOLNATION Bio & Rise to Fame

From underground sensation to chart-topping rock stars

  • Formation and Early Years – AWOLNATION was formed in 2009 by Aaron Bruno, previously a member of the bands Home Town Hero and Under the Influence of Giants. He began working on the project as a solo endeavor, aiming to create music that was both innovative and accessible.
  • Debut Album “Megalithic Symphony” (2011) – The band’s debut album “Megalithic Symphony” was released in 2011, featuring a blend of electronic rock and indie influences. The album included the breakout single “Sail,” which became a massive hit and propelled the band into the spotlight.
  • Breakout Success with “Sail” – “Sail” reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA. Its dark, atmospheric sound and catchy melody resonated with a wide audience, establishing AWOLNATION as a major force in the music industry.
  • Continued Popularity – Following the success of “Sail,” AWOLNATION released several more singles from “Megalithic Symphony,” including “Not Your Fault” and “Kill Your Heroes.” These tracks solidified the band’s reputation for creating energetic and thought-provoking music.
  • Second Album “Run” (2015) – In 2015, AWOLNATION released their second album, “Run.” The album featured hit singles such as “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” and “I Am,” which topped the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. The album’s diverse sound and powerful lyrics garnered critical acclaim.
  • Third Album “Here Come the Runts” (2018) – The band’s third album, “Here Come the Runts,” was released in 2018. It showcased a more raw and organic sound, blending elements of rock, folk, and punk. The album received positive reviews and further expanded the band’s musical repertoire.
  • Awards and Recognition – Throughout their career, AWOLNATION has received several awards and nominations, including multiple Billboard Music Awards nominations. Their innovative approach to music and engaging live performances have earned them a dedicated fanbase.
  • Live Performances and Tours – Known for their high-energy live performances, AWOLNATION has toured extensively around the world. Their concerts are renowned for their dynamic stage presence and engaging interaction with the audience.
  • Influence and Legacy – AWOLNATION’s music has been featured in various media, including commercials, films, and television shows. Their unique blend of genres and Aaron Bruno’s distinctive vocal style have influenced a new generation of artists.
  • Recent Projects – AWOLNATION continues to evolve, releasing new music and collaborating with other artists. Their ability to innovate and push boundaries ensures that they remain a significant presence in the music industry.

Fascinating Insights About AWOLNATION’s Tours

AWOLNATION’s tours are known for their electrifying energy and unforgettable performances. Here are some fascinating insights that make their concerts a must-see experience:

  1. High-Energy Performances – AWOLNATION concerts are known for their intense energy and dynamic stage presence. Aaron Bruno and the band put their all into every performance, ensuring the audience is engaged and electrified throughout the show.
  2. Interactive Setlists – The band often tailors their setlists to each specific venue and audience, ensuring a unique experience at every show. Fans can expect a mix of their biggest hits and deeper cuts, providing a well-rounded concert experience.
  3. Visual Spectacle – AWOLNATION’s stage setups include impressive lighting, video projections, and other visual effects that enhance the overall atmosphere of the concert. These elements create an immersive experience that complements the music perfectly.
  4. Memorable Encores – Known for their powerful encores, AWOLNATION ensures that the final moments of their concerts are unforgettable. Hits like “Sail” often close the show, leaving the audience on a high note.
  5. Special Guest Appearances – Throughout their tours, AWOLNATION has been known to bring out special guests, adding an extra layer of excitement to their performances. These surprise appearances keep fans on their toes and contribute to the uniqueness of each show.
  6. Fan Interaction – Aaron Bruno frequently interacts with the crowd, sharing stories and engaging with fans between songs. This interaction creates a personal connection and makes the audience feel like part of the performance.
  7. Versatile Venues – AWOLNATION performs in a variety of venues, from intimate clubs to large arenas and festivals. This versatility allows them to connect with different types of audiences and adapt their performances to suit each setting.
  8. Acoustic Sessions – Occasionally, the band includes acoustic renditions of their songs in their setlists. These stripped-down performances highlight their musical versatility and provide a different perspective on their hits.
  9. Global Reach – AWOLNATION has toured extensively across North America, Europe, and other parts of the world, building a diverse and dedicated international fanbase. Their global tours reflect their widespread appeal and influence.
  10. Unforgettable Atmosphere – The combination of high-energy performances, engaging visuals, and interactive elements creates an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and memorable. Fans leave AWOLNATION concerts with a lasting impression and a renewed appreciation for the band’s music.

AWOLNATION Ticket Buying Tips

Attending an AWOLNATION concert is an exhilarating experience, and securing tickets can be competitive. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get your tickets easily and securely:

  1. Stay Informed – Follow AWOLNATION’s official website and social media channels for the latest tour announcements and ticket sale dates. Subscribing to their artist page on will also keep you updated on ticket availability and special offers.
  2. Set Up Alerts – Many ticketing platforms offer alert systems. Set up notifications on to receive timely updates about ticket releases, pre-sale codes, and other important information directly to your email or phone.
  3. Use Multiple Devices – On the day tickets go on sale, increase your chances by using multiple devices to access the ticketing site. This strategy can help you get through virtual queues faster.
  4. Prepare Payment Details – Ensure your payment information is ready and up-to-date. Saving your payment details on your account can speed up the checkout process, reducing the risk of losing tickets due to timeouts.
  5. Explore Different Ticket Options – If general admission tickets sell out quickly, look into VIP packages or premium seating options. These tickets often offer additional perks and may be available for longer.
  6. Purchase from Reputable Sources – Always buy tickets from authorized sellers to avoid scams. offers a secure platform to purchase legitimate tickets at competitive prices.
  7. Know the Venue Layout – Familiarize yourself with the venue’s seating chart before tickets go on sale. Knowing your preferred seating area can help you make quicker decisions during the purchase process.
  8. Be Persistent – If tickets sell out initially, don’t give up. Check back frequently for additional ticket releases due to cancellations or extra seats being made available closer to the concert date.
  9. Consider Secondary Markets – If you miss out on primary sales, reputable secondary markets can be a good alternative. Ensure you use trustworthy platforms to avoid counterfeit tickets.
  10. Join Fan Clubs – Fan club memberships often provide access to exclusive pre-sales and special offers. Joining AWOLNATION’s fan club can give you an edge in securing tickets before they are available to the general public.

AWOLNATION’s Concert Testimonials

Fans who have attended AWOLNATION’s concerts often share their thrilling experiences, highlighting unique moments and electrifying performances. Here are some testimonials from recent tours:

  • Run Tour (2015) – “The Run Tour was an incredible experience. The energy was off the charts, and Aaron Bruno’s stage presence was magnetic. The special effects and lighting created an immersive atmosphere that made every song feel larger than life. ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ live was unforgettable!” – Sarah, Los Angeles
  • Here Come the Runts Tour (2018) – “Seeing AWOLNATION on the Here Come the Runts Tour was amazing. The stage design was unique and visually stunning. Aaron’s interaction with the crowd made it feel like a personal experience. The surprise guest appearance by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer was a highlight of the night.” – Mark, Chicago
  • Sail Across the Universe Tour (2014) – “The Sail Across the Universe Tour was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The pyrotechnics and video projections were mind-blowing. Aaron’s vocals were powerful and raw, especially during ‘Sail.’ The encore was epic, leaving everyone in the audience wanting more.” – Jessica, New York City
  • Megalithic Symphony Anniversary Tour (2021) – “Celebrating the anniversary of ‘Megalithic Symphony’ with AWOLNATION was a dream come true. The setlist included all the hits and some deep cuts. The crowd was electric, and Aaron’s performance was full of passion. The acoustic rendition of ‘Not Your Fault’ was a beautiful, unexpected moment.” – David, San Francisco
  • Festival Performance at Lollapalooza (2019) – “AWOLNATION’s performance at Lollapalooza was a standout. The festival setup was perfect for their high-energy show. The visuals were captivating, and the band’s chemistry was evident. The crowd went wild during ‘Run,’ and the overall vibe was exhilarating.” – Emma, Austin

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