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Sigur Rós

Experience Sigur Rós, the renowned post-rock band, live on their concert tour, performing their mesmerizing hits on stage in an unforgettable live performance.

Sigur Rós Tour Dates and Cities

Date City Price Tickets
19 September, 2024
Detroit, Michigan from $250.48 Tickets
21 September, 2024
Chicago, IL from $92.81 Tickets
23 September, 2024
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from $36.75 Tickets
25 September, 2024
Washington, D.C, District of Columbia from $102.29 Tickets
28 September, 2024
Durham, NC from $104.00 Tickets
30 September, 2024
Miami, FL from $130.00 Tickets
02 October, 2024
Nashville, TN from $133.75 Tickets
04 October, 2024
Austin, Texas from $188.42 Tickets

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What to Expect at a Sigur Rós Tour Concert

Attending a Sigur Rós concert is a transcendent experience, blending ethereal music with stunning visuals. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Mesmerizing Music – Sigur Rós’s unique blend of post-rock and ambient sounds creates an otherworldly atmosphere. Their live performances bring their intricate compositions to life, captivating audiences with their haunting melodies and powerful crescendos.
  • Stunning Visuals – Expect an immersive visual experience, with elaborate light shows, mesmerizing projections, and atmospheric stage designs that perfectly complement the music and enhance the emotional impact of each song.
  • Emotional Performances – The band’s passionate delivery and Jónsi’s ethereal vocals create an emotional connection with the audience, making each performance deeply moving and unforgettable.
  • Dynamic Setlists – Sigur Rós concerts feature a mix of their classic hits and newer material, ensuring a well-rounded experience for both longtime fans and new listeners. Songs like “Hoppípolla,” “Svefn-g-englar,” and “Sæglópur” are often highlights of the set.
  • Unique Instruments – The band’s use of unique instruments, including bowed guitar and glockenspiel, adds a distinctive sound to their live performances, creating a rich and layered musical experience.
  • Atmospheric Ambiance – The overall ambiance of a Sigur Rós concert is immersive and dreamlike, transporting the audience to a different realm. The combination of music and visuals creates a holistic experience that is both calming and exhilarating.
  • Intimate Moments – Despite their large following, Sigur Rós manages to create intimate moments within their concerts. Jónsi’s haunting falsetto and the band’s intricate soundscapes often lead to deeply personal and reflective experiences for concertgoers.
  • Surprise Elements – The band occasionally incorporates unexpected elements into their shows, such as live orchestral arrangements or guest performers, adding an extra layer of excitement and uniqueness to each concert.
  • Enthralling Encores – The encores are always a highlight, leaving the audience in awe. The band’s ability to build and release tension in their music ensures that the final moments of the concert are powerful and memorable.
  • Connection with Nature – Sigur Rós’s music often evokes the beauty and majesty of their Icelandic homeland. This connection with nature is reflected in their live performances, making each concert a tribute to the natural world and its wonders.

The Most Popular Songs of Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós has captivated audiences worldwide with their ethereal soundscapes and emotional depth. Here are ten of their most popular songs that have resonated deeply with fans:

  1. Hoppípolla (2005) – This iconic track from the album “Takk…” is beloved for its uplifting melody and joyful energy. It has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, and advertisements, making it one of their most recognizable songs.
  2. Svefn-g-englar (1999) – From their album “Ágætis byrjun,” this song showcases the band’s signature ethereal sound and Jónsi’s haunting falsetto. Its dreamy atmosphere and emotional depth have made it a fan favorite.
  3. Sæglópur (2005) – Also from “Takk…,” this track is known for its dynamic build-up and powerful climax. Its blend of delicate piano and soaring crescendos exemplifies the band’s ability to create epic soundscapes.
  4. Glósóli (2005) – Another standout from “Takk…,” “Glósóli” features a slow, mesmerizing build that culminates in an explosive finale. Its evocative music video and emotional intensity have made it a standout track.
  5. Viðrar vel til loftárása (1999) – This song from “Ágætis byrjun” is known for its beautiful piano melody and gradual progression. The emotional depth and cinematic quality of the track have made it a favorite among fans.
  6. Festival (2008) – From the album “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust,” this song is celebrated for its expansive sound and euphoric build-up. The live performances of this track are particularly powerful and memorable.
  7. Olsen Olsen (1999) – This track from “Ágætis byrjun” features a distinctive flute melody and lush orchestration. Its serene beauty and intricate arrangement have made it a beloved piece in the band’s discography.
  8. Varúð (2012) – From the album “Valtari,” “Varúð” is known for its slow, atmospheric build and emotional release. The haunting choral vocals and sweeping strings create a deeply moving experience.
  9. Untitled #1 (Vaka) (2002) – From the “( )” album, this song, often referred to as “Vaka,” is characterized by its minimalist approach and emotional intensity. The evocative music video has also contributed to its popularity.
  10. Ekki múkk (2012) – Another track from “Valtari,” “Ekki múkk” features a serene and meditative atmosphere. Its simplicity and beauty have resonated deeply with fans, making it a standout piece in their later work.

The Most Popular Sigur Rós Video

The most popular Sigur Rós music video is for their song “Hoppípolla,” released in 2005. The video has amassed millions of views on YouTube, making it the most-watched video in their catalog. Directed by Arni & Kinski, the “Hoppípolla” video features a heartwarming and whimsical narrative of elderly people rediscovering their youthful spirit by engaging in playful activities. The joyful and uplifting visuals perfectly complement the song’s enchanting melody and have endeared the video to fans around the world.

Fans love the “Hoppípolla” video for its emotional resonance and the sense of nostalgia it evokes. The combination of the song’s soaring crescendos and the video’s touching storyline creates a powerful and memorable viewing experience. Its popularity highlights the universal appeal of Sigur Rós’s music and their ability to connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

Sigur Rós Bio & Rise to Fame

From Icelandic roots to international acclaim

  • Formation and Early Years – Sigur Rós was formed in 1994 in Reykjavík, Iceland, by Jónsi Birgisson (vocals, guitar), Georg Hólm (bass), and Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson (drums). Their name, which means “Victory Rose,” was inspired by Jónsi’s younger sister, Sigurrós.
  • Debut Album “Von” (1997) – The band’s debut album, “Von,” showcased their experimental sound and ethereal atmosphere. Although it initially received little attention outside Iceland, it laid the groundwork for their future success.
  • Breakthrough with “Ágætis byrjun” (1999) – Their second album, “Ágætis byrjun,” was a critical and commercial breakthrough. The album received international acclaim and included iconic tracks like “Svefn-g-englar” and “Viðrar vel til loftárása.” It established Sigur Rós as a prominent name in the post-rock genre.
  • Unique Sound and Style – Sigur Rós is known for their distinctive sound, characterized by Jónsi’s falsetto vocals, bowed guitar techniques, and atmospheric compositions. Their music often incorporates elements of classical, ambient, and experimental rock.
  • Global Recognition with “( )” (2002) – The album “( ),” consisting of eight untitled tracks, further solidified their international reputation. Known for its minimalist approach and emotional depth, the album received widespread praise and expanded their global fanbase.
  • Commercial Success with “Takk…” (2005) – “Takk…” marked a significant commercial success, featuring the hit single “Hoppípolla.” The album’s accessibility and uplifting sound brought Sigur Rós to an even wider audience, and “Hoppípolla” became their most recognized song.
  • Innovative Visuals and Live Performances – Sigur Rós is renowned for their visually stunning music videos and immersive live performances. Their concerts often feature elaborate light shows, atmospheric visuals, and powerful soundscapes that create a transcendent experience for audiences.
  • Contributions to Film and Television – The band’s music has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials, further enhancing their cultural impact. Notable inclusions are in the films “Vanilla Sky” and “127 Hours,” and the TV series “Game of Thrones.”
  • Awards and Recognition – Over the years, Sigur Rós has received several awards and nominations, including the prestigious Q Awards and Icelandic Music Awards. Their innovative contributions to music have been widely recognized and celebrated.
  • Continued Evolution and Influence – Sigur Rós continues to evolve, experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with other artists. Their influence on the post-rock genre and beyond remains profound, inspiring a new generation of musicians and fans.

Fascinating Insights About Sigur Rós Tours

Sigur Rós’s tours are renowned for their breathtaking performances and captivating visuals. Here are some intriguing facts that make their concerts a must-see experience:

  1. Immersive Visuals – Sigur Rós concerts are known for their stunning visual displays. The band collaborates with top visual artists to create mesmerizing light shows and projections that perfectly complement their ethereal music.
  2. Unique Setlists – Each performance features a carefully curated setlist that includes a mix of fan favorites and deeper cuts. The band often rearranges their songs for live performances, adding new layers and textures to familiar tracks.
  3. Unexpected Venues – Sigur Rós has performed in a variety of unconventional venues, including ancient ruins, natural landscapes, and art installations. These unique settings enhance the atmospheric quality of their music and provide a one-of-a-kind concert experience.
  4. Live Orchestration – The band often incorporates live orchestration into their performances, working with local string sections and choirs to recreate the lush, layered soundscapes of their studio recordings.
  5. Intimate Acoustic Sets – In addition to their full-band performances, Sigur Rós occasionally includes intimate acoustic sets within their concerts. These stripped-down versions of their songs highlight the raw beauty and emotional depth of their music.
  6. Interactive Elements – Sigur Rós concerts sometimes feature interactive elements, inviting the audience to participate in creating the soundscapes. This engagement creates a deeper connection between the band and their fans.
  7. Special Collaborations – The band frequently collaborates with guest artists, bringing new dimensions to their live performances. These collaborations add an element of surprise and excitement to each show.
  8. Environmental Advocacy – Sigur Rós is committed to environmental sustainability, often partnering with eco-friendly organizations to minimize the environmental impact of their tours. They use sustainable practices and encourage fans to be mindful of their environmental footprint.
  9. Unforgettable Encores – Sigur Rós encores are known for their intensity and emotional impact. The band often saves their most powerful and beloved songs for the final moments of their concerts, leaving audiences in awe.
  10. Global Reach – Sigur Rós has toured extensively across the globe, bringing their unique sound and immersive live experience to fans in diverse locations. Their ability to connect with audiences worldwide is a testament to the universal appeal of their music.

Sigur Rós Ticket Buying Tips

Attending a Sigur Rós concert is a mesmerizing experience, and securing tickets can be competitive. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get your tickets easily and securely:

  1. Stay Informed – Follow Sigur Rós’s official website and social media channels for the latest tour announcements and ticket sale dates. Subscribing to their artist page on will also keep you updated on ticket availability and special offers.
  2. Set Up Alerts – Many ticketing platforms offer alert systems. Set up notifications on to receive timely updates about ticket releases, pre-sale codes, and other important information directly to your email or phone.
  3. Use Multiple Devices – On the day tickets go on sale, increase your chances by using multiple devices to access the ticketing site. This strategy can help you get through virtual queues faster.
  4. Prepare Payment Details – Ensure your payment information is ready and up-to-date. Saving your payment details on your account can speed up the checkout process, reducing the risk of losing tickets due to timeouts.
  5. Explore Different Ticket Options – If general admission tickets sell out quickly, look into VIP packages or premium seating options. These tickets often offer additional perks and may be available for longer.
  6. Purchase from Reputable Sources – Always buy tickets from authorized sellers to avoid scams. offers a secure platform to purchase legitimate tickets at competitive prices.
  7. Know the Venue Layout – Familiarize yourself with the venue’s seating chart before tickets go on sale. Knowing your preferred seating area can help you make quicker decisions during the purchase process.
  8. Be Persistent – If tickets sell out initially, don’t give up. Check back frequently for additional ticket releases due to cancellations or extra seats being made available closer to the concert date.
  9. Consider Secondary Markets – If you miss out on primary sales, reputable secondary markets can be a good alternative. Ensure you use trustworthy platforms to avoid counterfeit tickets.
  10. Join Fan Clubs – Fan club memberships often provide access to exclusive pre-sales and special offers. Joining Sigur Rós’s fan club can give you an edge in securing tickets before they are available to the general public.

Sigur Rós Concert Testimonials

Fans who have attended Sigur Rós concerts often share unforgettable experiences, highlighting unique moments and captivating performances. Here are some testimonials from recent tours:

  • World Tour (2017) – “The World Tour was an extraordinary experience. The combination of Jónsi’s ethereal vocals and the band’s atmospheric sound created a dreamlike state. The stunning light show and visuals synchronized perfectly with the music, making it a truly immersive experience. The highlight was the performance of ‘Sæglópur,’ where the stage was flooded with light, creating an overwhelming sense of euphoria.” – Emily, Chicago
  • Inni Tour (2011) – “The Inni Tour was a mesmerizing blend of music and visuals. The black and white projections added a hauntingly beautiful layer to the performance. The band’s live rendition of ‘Festival’ was breathtaking, with an intense build-up that left the audience in awe. Jónsi’s interaction with the crowd was heartfelt, making the experience even more personal.” – Mark, Los Angeles
  • Kveikur Tour (2013) – “Sigur Rós’s Kveikur Tour was a powerful and emotionally charged concert. The use of pyrotechnics during ‘Brennisteinn’ added an unexpected and thrilling element to the show. The dynamic setlist kept everyone engaged, and the band’s energy was palpable. The encore performance of ‘Hoppípolla’ had the entire audience on their feet, singing along.” – Jessica, New York City
  • Nordur Og Nidur Festival (2017) – “Attending the Nordur Og Nidur Festival was a magical experience. Sigur Rós curated a unique event with special guest artists and collaborative performances. The stage design was otherworldly, featuring intricate light patterns and surreal visuals. The intimate setting allowed for a deep connection between the band and the audience, particularly during ‘Olsen Olsen’.” – David, San Francisco
  • Valtari Mystery Film Experiment (2012) – “The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment Tour was unlike any other concert. The incorporation of short films created by various filmmakers added a cinematic dimension to the live performance. Each film enhanced the emotional impact of the songs, especially ‘Varúð,’ which was accompanied by stunning visuals that left a lasting impression. It was an innovative and unforgettable concert experience.” – Emma, Austin

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