Wicked in Tulsa 2025


Experience the spellbinding Wicked the musical on its US tour, performing from May 28 – June 15, 2025 at Tulsa Performing Arts Center in Tulsa, OK! Discover the untold story of the witches of Oz, Glinda and Elphaba, long before Dorothy. With extraordinary talent, unforgettable songs like Defying Gravity, and multiple Tony Awards, this Broadway production is a must-see. Catch the enchanting Wicked North American tour — get your Wicked musical tickets today!

Wicked Tulsa Tickets

Currently, there are no tickets available for Wicked in Tulsa. Please check back later or explore other cities for available dates and tickets.

Cast in Tulsa

The North American tour of the musical Wicked features an impressive lineup of talented actors in the main roles. Below is a list of the principal cast members for this tour:

  • Lauren Samuels as Elphaba
  • Austen Danielle Bohmer as Glinda
  • Aymee Garcia as Madame Morrible
  • Blake Hammond as The Wizard
  • Erica Ito as Nessarose
  • Kingsley Leggs as Doctor Dillamond
  • Xavier McKinnon as Fiyero
  • Alex Vinh as Boq

The Venue: Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Wicked playing in Tulsa, OK?

Wicked will be performing at the Chapman Music Hall in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center from May 28 to June 15, 2025. For exact showtimes, visit the event page on ConcertsAndTickets.

Where can I buy tickets for Wicked in Tulsa?

You can purchase tickets for Wicked in Tulsa on the ConcertsAndTickets website and the official Wicked musical website. Make sure to check the event page for showtimes.

What is the duration of the Wicked musical?

The performance of Wicked runs for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, including one intermission.

What is the age recommendation for Wicked?

Wicked is recommended for children ages 8 and up. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the theater.

Are there any special effects in Wicked?

Yes, Wicked includes a variety of special effects, including strobe lights, fog, and loud noises that contribute to the magical experience of the show.

Is the Chapman Music Hall accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, Chapman Music Hall is fully accessible for people with disabilities, including wheelchair seating, accessible restrooms, and assistive listening devices. It is advisable to inform the venue in advance to ensure appropriate accommodations.

Can I take photos or record the performance?

No, photography and recording of any kind are strictly prohibited during the performance to ensure the enjoyment of all audience members and to protect the performers’ rights.

What is the dress code for attending Wicked?

There is no formal dress code for attending Wicked. Most attendees dress in business casual attire, but you are welcome to wear what makes you comfortable.

Will there be merchandise available at the show?

Yes, official Wicked merchandise, including souvenirs, apparel, and programs, will be available for purchase at the theater.

What time should I arrive at the theater?

It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show starts to allow time for parking, finding your seats, and enjoying any pre-show activities or refreshments.